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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cheers To 15 yEARS!

A week ago today Bryan and I were driving home from a vacation for two. We took advantage of Bryan's fall break from school to celebrate our 15th anniversary a little early. Our actual anniversary isn't until October 20th. I don't think we've ever actually celebrated our anniversary on our actual anniversary except for maybe the first year!

I am sure it comes as a surprise to y'all that we went to Disney to celebrate our anniversary. Out of all the places we could have gone right?! We've gotten a lot of eye rolls about our choice of destination and that's okay, we really enjoy going. Every time we take the kids we always comment on how fun it would be to go without the kids so we decided to try it out. 

And guess what? 

It was fun. It was SO fun! I wouldn't do a solo Disney trip every year, but I am definitely open to doing it again. A big thank you to grandparents for helping us with the kids while we were gone. We very much appreciated it. 

If you are interested in photos of just Bryan and I then this post is perfect for you. Enjoy!

We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and LOVED it. This is the view from our room. This resort is small and quiet. The walk to get to pool, ferry, food and bus took 3 minutes or less. They only sleep up to 4 so this won't work for our family trips.

We got to the resort, dropped our stuff in the room and were off to Magic Kingdom.

Me: Oh! Let's take a selfie laying in the hub grass. 
Bryan: Are you being serious? You want to lay down here and take a picture? 
Me: Yes. It will be cute. 
And it is. 

The next morning we were off to Hollywood Studios. We got up and were ready to go pretty fast. No vest. No hair to fix. No outfits to pick out. No waiting on the bathroom. No fussing. No arguing. We just got up, got dressed, drank some coffee and grabbed a granola bar to go. It was pretty fabulous.  The crowds were minimal so by 10:30 we had ridden the coaster 3 times, Tower of Terror 2 times and Toy Story Mania. After lunch, many more rides, character pictures, coffee break, beer break, people watching and browsing all the shops it was time for dinner at the 50's Prime Time Diner (our favorite).

"Smooches" - the girl behind us is unimpressed with our free falling kiss. 
She looks pretty horrified by it doesn't she?!

 Chip and Dale thought we were newlyweds so we went with it. 

And you can't read my sticker, but it says "Clean Plate Club". That's right. This little piggy cleaned her dinner plate (and dessert) at 50's. I felt very accomplished. 

The next morning we were off to Animal Kingdom. We had early reservations for breakfast at The Tusker House. This is a character meal, but happens to be Bryan's favorite breakfast at Disney so I booked it. I'll spare you the photos of us with the characters because they are so boring. We felt a little weird at first, but as the trip went on we owned it and loosened up with the characters.

 Probably my favorite picture from the trip. Makes me giggle. 

See the monkeys behind us. They were so fun to watch. We stood there forever watching and they put on a great show. Even better that a photographer just happened to be standing there. 
"Okay now act like a monkey"...no problem. 

I spy a sleepy tiger. Do you? 

We flew through Animal Kingdom so we headed back to our resort to hang by the pool for a while. We ended up playing pool side Disney trivia. "Team Left The Kids At Home" ending up winning a beach ball and most importantly the right to say we won trivia. For dinner we took the boat to Disney Springs and tried out The Earl of Sandwich since Bryan loves sandwiches. Bryan really liked it and I thought it was okay, but I'm not a huge sandwich fan. 

The next morning we went to breakfast at The Garden Grill in Epcot. This was a last minute add to our schedule since we cancelled our dinner at Yak & Yeti the night before we needed another meal to book in it's place. GG had an opening so we decided to try it out even though we already had dinner reservations there. This is a character meal and relatively new breakfast offering so it wasn't crowded at all. If you have kiddies that aren't into the Princess breakfast at Epoct this is a great alternative. You start off with fruit and a skillet over flowing with a huge sticky bun so just for this reason alone you should try it out. Food and Wine Festival was going on while we were there, which we really enjoyed. The only down side to our Epcot day was it that it rained. And by rain I mean it stormed! We camped out in the French bakery through the worst of it then we kept going sans shoes.

 At least someone was having fun. 

 Jalapeno margarita from Mexico. It was good!

 La Passion Martini Slush from France

One last ride before heading out. 
The guy next to us says (in a New York accent), "You gotta tell me where the camera is next time!"

And now we come to our last day, which we spent at Magic Kingdom. You know it's not crowded when you ride Space Mountain 5 times and 3 of those were one right after another. The highlight of my day was running into one of my besties, Amber, who was there with her family on their first trip. We were texting each other all morning and afternoon with our locations, but we always seemed to be on opposite ends of the park. Then randomly we ran right into them as Bryan and I were heading to a specific spot to get a gigantic chocolate chip cookie. I guess I should mention that Amber lives in AL so getting to see her and her family was really a nice treat.

 "The Robot". And kudos to the guy in back for his "Thumbs Up". 

 "Gun Show"

 Acting like we didn't know there was a camera. This one makes me giggle.

Drizella: So...is this your Prince Charming? 
Me: Yep. 
Anastasia: Well do you at least have a son? 
Me: Yes! He's 8!
Anastasia: Oh good, gives him plenty of time to save for a diamond.



This has been added to our must have snack list. So. Good

The End. We thoroughly enjoyed our solo Disney trip. It's always a fun time when I get Bryan all to myself. He's my favorite!

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