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Monday, May 14, 2018

Spring Soccer Wrap Up

Spring season of soccer has come to an end and when I say "an end" I mean we currently don't have any games on the schedule. Practices are still going on as usual up through tryouts and I am sure the girls will have summer training. Sydney is also going to the UGA Elite Soccer Camp in July so that should be a great experience for her.

This spring was a rainy one. Several of Bryce's games ended up getting canceled (unfortunately they don't make up Academy games) and several of Jordyn's games had to be rescheduled. One game was rescheduled 3 times before they actually got to play it and when they did finally play it, they played in the rain! Jordyn's last make up game was on Mother's Day and they took a 5 to 1 win over SSA Northside. Yah! Actually, her team played 4 games in the past week and they won all 4, which was enough to move them up a level in playing brackets. Way to go Impact 05G Elite girls!

The first weekend of May all 3 kids played in the Scenic City Cup in Chattanooga, which was the first time I have had all 3 play in the same tournament (2 different locations). I was solo for this trip since Bryan was in Gulf Shores for a volleyball tournament, which made for a busy weekend. By the time we got home on Sunday late afternoon I was exhausted. It was a fun weekend, but tiring.

Here are a few photos from the 2nd half of this season. 


 Etowah soccer banquet. 

 Sydney lettered! 

 Besties and team mates!

Saves on saves on saves.  

 She makes a throw in look good!

 Sydney in the middle of doing "her move". 

My favorite players in the world. 

  Wet early morning soccer fields. 

This corner kick was BEAUTIFUL!

  Game well played. It was hot! 

 A Mother's Day victory!!

I like these people. Fun group!

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