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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was nuts. I wish we could have had an extra day to recover, but no rest for the weary!  The weekend was jammed full so I feel like it deserves it's own blog post. 

We started the weekend off bright and early for the first of 4 games at our home fields. It doesn't happen often that all 3 kids have home games so needless to say we love it when this happens! First up was a 9:00 am game for Jordyn. The game started at 9:00 so that means she had to be on the field for warm up at 8:15 am. No sleeping in for Jordyn! On top of the early wake up call it was a little on the chilly side and it was rainy. I love to watch soccer games, but my least favorite way to watch them is in the cold and rain. I didn't take any photos during this game due to the rain so no pictures to share and unfortunately no winning news to share...the girls came up short with a 0 to 2 loss. 

After the game we picked up an early lunch for Sydney and headed home so Jordyn could spend the rest of the day prepping for her sleepover party that evening. While I was driving back to the house Bryan was driving to the fields with Bryce for his first game. After a quick lunch I took Sydney to the home fields for her 1:00 game. While she did her warm ups I ran down to Bryce's field to catch a little of his game, give Bryan his lunch and to wish him a happy 17th anniversary. Such a romantic anniversary. Ha! I didn't get to see the end of Bryce's elite game, but his team ended up winning the game 4 to 2. Nice job boys! 

Then it was time for Sydney's game. Her team has been on fire this season and is currently sitting at #2 in the u16 Athena A division. The team in 1st has played 2 more games than us so far, which hopefully means by the time we catch up on games played we will be taking over that top spot. The girls walked away with another win on Saturday against AFC Lightning (Peachtree City). Final score was 3 to 2 and our Sydney scored 2 of those goals! How awesome is that?!

 SHAKE and...

Way to go El Diablo!

 Our girl won the possession! Love how hard both girls were going hard for that ball. 

2nd goal success! Love love love that big smile. 

After Sydney's game we headed back home to make a few final preparations for Jordyn's party that evening. While I went home to clean and set up Bryan stayed at the fields for Bryce's 2nd game of the day. Unfortunately it was a loss 2 to 5 for the mix team, but a good game none-the-less. 

Finally it was party time and Jordyn's guests arrived. We ordered sushi for dinner since it's Jordyn's favorite. A few of the girls had ever had sushi before so it was a fun experience. We don't do raw sushi so everyone was open to trying everything and overall the sushi dinner was a hit. From there I didn't have to do much. Jordyn and her friends headed out to the "back cul-de-sac" to play kick ball for a while. When they finally returned it was time for cake, sushi dessert, pajamas and presents. It was a low key party with a great group of girls.

Our guests were gone by mid morning on Sunday and it was back to the grind. Bryan and Bryce were out the door by 12:00 for his 1:00 soccer game, Sydney got home around 12:30 from guest playing in an early away game and by 2:00 we were out the door once again for an away game for Jordyn. The kicker is once we arrived to her game we learned that the fields were running over an hour behind schedule so we didn't get home until close to 7:00. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Jordyn and team got a much needed 3 to 0 win over Concord Fire. Nice way to end the weekend girls! 

 Running this girl down...

 Corner kick

Girls...focus and stop posing for the camera. haha!  

Jazz Hands? 

Y'all by the time we got home and did our nightly prep for school routine I was so tired I didn't even stay up to watch The Waking Dead. 

Old lady can't hang these days!

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