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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Halloween 2018

I really thought I had posted a Halloween post, but apparently I thought about doing it and never actually did it. 

Bryce and Jordyn stayed in the neighborhood and walked around with friends. Sydney went to a Halloween party with her friends and then ended up going out to Trick-or-Treat too. As usual mom and dad came up to help us hand out candy while we walked around with the kids. Last year we ran out of candy, this year I had about 20 pieces left so I say we estimated well. I think we had our last group of kids around 9:00 and then we called it quits. It was a great night with perfect weather!

 Jordyn dressed as Tweedle Dum. She was part of a themed group...see below. 

 Bryce went as a soldier and I thought he looked pretty legit. I found him authentic jungle boots on Amazon for less than $12. I was so excited. The only size that was that cheap was his so it was meant to be! 

 Little James came up for some ToT fun too. You probably can't see him in the above picture because he is camouflaged. 

 We were missing Sydney and Ellie!

 Some of the "hood" crew. 

 Down the road Joey,  Katie and Ellie were enjoying Ellie's first Halloween and their first Halloween in their house. Little Elllie looked so cute in her little Candy Corn Princess outfit.  

Jordyn and friends in their Alice in Wonderland theme. So cute!

 The Tweedles. 

And finally Miss Sydney. Thankfully this photo was sent to me otherwise I would have no photos of her. Syd and the bestie met up with the rest of their crew at a party (parent approved of course). The girls costume...their old soccer jersey. 

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