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Thursday, November 8, 2018


Big deal news to share! 

Sydney and her u16 Elite soccer team clinched the championship in the Athena A division this season. They still have one more regular season game left to play on Wednesday November 14th, but no matter the outcome of that game they are the champions. Their current record is 10 wins, 1 tie and 0 loses. They have scored 33 goals and have only given up 2 goals. Y'all, this is an amazing record! Great job to coach Shane and the girls on such an exciting season. 

Sydney has been playing with this team since they were u9 division. Girls have come and gone over the years and the age split a few years ago moved some of our girls to an older team and sadly some girls were cut from the team along the way, but there are a few of the original girls still playing on this team so seeing them reach this goal has been fun to watch. It has been a very long road to get to this point. There were a few seasons where the girls may have only won one or two games. There were many a game where they would lose pretty bad... like 10 to 0. These girls never gave up. They didn't switch clubs to seek out a stronger team. They just kept on working, supporting each other and here we are. I am so proud of  all these girls!

With them winning the Athena A division the girls will now move up to the National League (NL), which off course is a higher level of play and requires more travel. I don't know how we will manage, but we will make it work and are so excited to see what happens next for this awesome group of girls. 

Note: Two of our players aren't pictured here.

A few games ago one of the parents got one of Sydney's goals on video and another parent got her doing her step-over turn move. Videos below!
Sydney is #18. 

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