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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

First Day of School 2019!

The dreaded day came way too fast. 
August 1st was the First Day of School. 
I may be in the minority with parent circles, but I am always so bummed when the kids go back to school. I love having them at home! 

The first kiddo out the door was Bryce. I tell ya, that 5:45 wake up call was rough, but we rocked it. Bryce is in the 5th grade this year. This was his last first day of elementary school. Not going to lie people, I am not sad this is our last year of elementary school. I've been doing this scene for a long time and I'm not going to deny that I am burned out! 

Next out the door was Miss Sydney. She is starting her Junior year! Geesh. 11th grade. This will be  big year for Sydney. She has a demanding class load and has to take the SAT and ACT. There's a bunch of stuff for her to mark off her "to-do" list this school year, but I think she will handle everything wonderfully. She got her parking pass over the summer so she can now drive herself to school. I still think it is crazy she is driving, but it has been pretty helpful when it comes to soccer practices since her schedule is opposite of Jordyn and Bryce's. 


Jordyn is the last one out the door each morning. She is in 8th grade this year, which is her last year of middle school. This doesn't seem right does it? Jordyn is taking 3 high school classes this year, which is crazy to me, but she is ready for the challenge. She was also chosen to be in Friend's Club (you have to apply), which will count as one of her classes. She is really excited to be part of this class. 

We are looking forward to a successful school year. I may or may not be counting down the days until next summer already. I am a lover of summer. What can I say?! Since my summer count down is so big I'll focus on counting down the days until Fall Break. 
For anyone wondering that is 32 school days! 

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