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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Our First Major Soccer Injury.

On August 10th the girls and I headed to Chattanooga for some friendlies. Sydney's first game of the day was about 20 minutes into the first half when she went down. She was going for a ball just like she has done a million times before and next thing you know she was on the ground. I didn't even see what lead up to the collision. I looked away from the field for just a second and when I looked back she was hitting the ground and grabbing her knee. My mom gut told me something was wrong when she didn't pop back up right away. When I went to talk to her on the sideline she said she was going for the ball and then felt her knee pop several times. 

 This is the only photo I got of Sydney before her injury...and it's a little blurry. She was hauling towards goal, dribbled around the keeper and made a nice shot on goal...it hit the side post Darn! 

Not a minute later I took the next photo. :(

We kept ice on and off it as the day went on. She did try to warm up for the second game, but quickly decided it was a no go for her to play. At this point her knee was only slightly swollen, she could walk on it although she was favoring it and she could bend it, but by the end of the day she couldn't straighten it all the way. 

 Saturday shortly after the injury.

Saturday evening once we got home. 


The next morning she woke us up in tears because her knee went from slightly swollen to very swollen. That morning we saw a trainer who referred us to an orthopedic. His thoughts were either MCL or meniscus since she wasn't showing any pain in the ACL. Monday we headed to the orthopedic and he ordered an MRI. He also thought MCL or meniscus because she was showing no pain in the ACL. Tuesday she had the MRI and Wednesday afternoon they called us with the results... 

A torn ACL, partially torn meniscus and a severely sprained MCL. 

We were not expecting them say the ACL was torn. Basically our girl did a number on her knee. Her left knee, which is her dominate side. 

Needless-to-say this was not the news we wanted to hear. This is not the news any athlete would want to hear. We have a heartbroken soccer player on our hands, but she is staying as positive as she can. She has morning surgery this Friday (8-23-19). The recovery process is long. Crutches for at least 2 weeks after surgery. A large brace for 6 weeks that has to be worn at all times unless showering. From there she will move to a smaller brace. There will also be lots and lots of PT. Actually her PT will start the Monday after surgery. The total recovery time is 8 to 9 months, which means no club NL season and no HS season. 
That's a tough pill to swallow for our soccer loving girl. 

Please keep Sydney in your prayers as the week progresses towards surgery and this coming weekend. She is nervous and is trying to stay positive, but it's not going to be easy watching your team and your siblings play the sport you love so much from the sidelines. 


I didn't get many photos of Sydney from our day of friendlies in Chattanooga unfortunately, but I did get some of Jordyn. Enjoy Jo doing her thing! 
(Yes they were playing against boys and they basically schooled them!)


And a few more photos to wrap this up. 
This past weekend Sydney's team traveled to Birmingham, AL for a tournament. The girls played well and came home with the 2nd place hardware. Once we found out Sydney's ACL was toast we cancelled our hotel and kept her home. Well, on Sunday afternoon while we were finishing up Ellie's first birthday there was a knock on the door and there was her teammate Maggie with a medal for Sydney. Maggie still had on her uniform from playing a game that morning, drove home from AL and then brought Sydney her medal. How awesome is that? 
This team, these girls...I LOVE THEM!! 

*This is the brace Sydney will be in after surgery for 6 weeks. 

Here's her team at the tournament with their medals. 
Way to go girls!

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