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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

October 5, 2020

My parents were originally married on October 5, 1974. They divorced after 23 years of marriage. They were apart for 23 years. Then...

My parents remarried on October 5, 2020.  
They had a small ceremony by the pool with just the immediate family. A very fitting way to close out our family's history at the Marietta house. The Marietta house is under contract and our hope is the next family enjoys the house as much as we have over the past 42 years. We will of course miss our summers by the pool the most, but mom and dad are literally one house down from us so we can make new memories at their new house by walking over! They don't have a pool and that's okay, but I can't promise them I won't bug them to put in another pool. Ha! 

Plus Joey and Katie are just 16 houses down from us so impromptu family get togethers just got a whole lot easier. Jay and Alix are hoping to move to the area eventually as well. 

(Bryan is MIA because he was coaching an Etowah volleyball game.)

One last photo with Bryan. He rushed over as soon as his volleyball matches were over. 
We didn't have much light to work with, but we used what we had!

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