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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Jordyn is FIFTEEN!!


I tell ya. These birthday for my "babies" just keep rolling around faster and faster. On October 17th our Jo celebrated her 15th birthday. We had a little birthday get together with her friends the night before because on her actual birthday we drove to South Carolina for a soccer game. Not an ideal way to spend your birthday, but we did stay the night so we had a fun birthday dinner out with some of her teammates. 

The big ticket item for turning 15 is getting your Learner's Permit. Since we were in South Carolina on her birthday she couldn't take the test that day. The DMV is closed on Sunday and Monday so on Tuesday after school we headed up the DMV for our girl to take her Learner's test. Drum roll.... She passed! Jordyn is already ahead of the game and has been doing some practice driving at the school parking lot during quarantine so it won't be long until she is road ready. Next thing you know we will have two licensed drivers on our hands, which is exciting, but also y'all... 

It is expensive. For those that don't have teenage drivers yet I'm tell you now: Start saving for the insurance. Holy cow, it isn't cheap. Our insurance almost doubled adding Sydney on so we now have a year to plan on how we will afford two teen drivers. We of course will take donations any time!

I'm going to add a little extra to Jordyn's birthday post. Bryan and I celebrated our 19th anniversary on the 20th. We didn't do anything special other than take this photo and dinner out at Longhorn. We will celebrate bigger next year!

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