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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

This is Halloween 2021.


Presenting Halloween 2021...

We had: 

James went as a (cute) Pumpkin. 

Fun fact: Jay wore this pumpkin costume when he was James's age. 

Ellie was Super Girl!
Nailed it. 

Katie was a witch and Joey was Blippi. If you aren't familiar with Blippi do a Google search. Joey makes the perfect Blippi! June was her cute self snuggled up in her stroller. 

Bryce went as a Soccer Player. He wanted the easiest costume he could think of and I think he achieved that. Usually he cruises the hood with his buddy Lance, but Lance was at a baseball tournament unfortunately so Bryce tagged along with Jordyn and friends. 

Jordyn went as Shaggy from Scooby-Do. Her friends made up the rest of Mystery Incorporated (Thelma couldn't make it so she's MIA). 

I went as a Ghost Host. If you don't know...it's based on Disney's Haunted Mansion. 

Not pictured was Sydney who didn't do any Halloween fun because she was sick and stayed in her dorm room for the night. 

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