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Thursday, August 11, 2022

June 2022: One Medium Size Post


We had a busy June, but I didn't take a a whole lot of photos. I did take photos at the two main events for the month so that's what counts. 

We will start with Father's Day. We had a little get together at my parents. Bryan's parents joined us too. I love that we can get our families together for special occasions.  

The month ended with a little birthday celebration for Joey. 

And to finish off June I'll add a few random photos that I took during the month. 

My afternoons during the week are spent with my little sidekick, June. She keeps me on my toes!

Dinner out with some of my favorite soccer moms. I miss sitting on the sidelines with all of them, but glad we can all still get together to catch up. 

James having the time of his life with Bryce. They made a super cool fort. Bryce is so good with all his little cousins. They adore him!

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