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Thursday, August 11, 2022

May 2022: One Big Post

Okay - in an effort to help myself catch up to present times 
I am going to post our entire month of May happenings in one post. 

Let's get into it...

First up...Sydney came home! I drove to Dahlonega to help my girl pack up her dorm room and say goodbye to her Freshman year of college. One year complete. She killed it Spring semester and made the Dean's List! We love having our girl home for the summer. 

Jordyn was inducted into the National Honors Society! 

It was end of spring soccer season for Bryce. We didn't have an end of season tourney, but we did have some later than usual season games due to rain make ups. The boys finished up the season strong with 2 wins and a tie. In one of the games we won 1 to 0 thanks to Bryce SAVING a direct penalty kick. 
It. Was. Awesome. I tried to get a video and failed. I will stick to still photos!

Thankful to another parent for taking this photo. 
This is Bryce saving a direct penalty kick. These are not easy to save!

Bryce's last game just happened to be on Mother's Day. After his game we rushed home so I could say hello to my mom and hang with the girls. Bryan was coaching in Gulf Shores, but lucky for him his parents were in Florida to watch Maisie play volleyball so he was able to see his mom and sister for Mother's Day. 

Jordyn participated in a college ID camp. She isn't sure if she wants to play soccer in college yet, but the experience is great none-the-less. Bryce was supposed to participate too, but he was sick! 
Gotta love getting the flu in May. 

I love this string of photos... 
Defending like a pro!

I'll take that...thanks. 

See ya! 

Next up our girl Sydney was able to VOTE for the first time! Heck yeah! I didn't go with her, but I wish I had because they made a huge deal about her first time voting. The volunteers all cheered for her and gave her a little American flag to remember the special occasion by. Of course I made her take a photo with me later with our "Voted" stickers. I also want to mention that Sydney has always been interested in political stuff since she was young. Always asking questions and doing her own research so I can assure you she didn't walk in their blindly voting. 

Finally one of our favorite days of the year rolled around... the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Jordyn finished up her Sophomore year with all A's. Bryce finished up his 7th grade year with 4 A's and 2 B's. I would also like to add he achieved these grades with virtually little effort. If his teacher gave grades to parents for nagging their kids to do work I would have gotten an A. 

To finish out the month of May we had ourselves a little Memorial Day celebration at my parents house. 

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