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Thursday, October 26, 2023



Back in July Bryce celebrated his 15th birthday! Isn't that crazy? We took Bryce and friends to Portal Pinball for some old school arcade fun and then back to our house for food and cake.

 A few days after his birthday we headed to the DMV for his learners permit test. Great news...he passed! Bryce can learn to drive. Gulp. 

This has nothing to do with Bryce's birthday, but this happened on the same day as Bryce's permit test. Jordyn had her Senior photos taken for the yearbook. Eek! She took the traditional drape photo, casual photos and then Cap & Gown photos. We won't get to see the Cap & Gown photos until March, which is fine because I probably won't buy them. I am not a fan of CADY Studios and i think their photos are are lame so I'll take photos of her in her graduation gown in the spring. Plus I want her to have all her cords and such that she's earned. BUT...here's a peak at our graduate until then!

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