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Friday, October 27, 2023

First Day of School!


As usual the first day of school came way too soon. 

Bryce is a Freshman! I really can't believe he is in high school now. He has a built in ride to and from school this year with dear old dad! 

Jordyn is a SENIOR!! It pains me to type that because I know how fast this year will go, but I'm also so excited for her at the same time. Jordyn got dressed and ready in the traditional black ensemble for the unofficial class photo on the first day, but after that she came home because she is full-time dual enrolling at KSU this year. She only has to be on the Etowah campus for SGA and club meetings. 


This is not the entire class. Their class is pretty big...around 650. 

I have to share the first day of school for James and Ellie! They both started Kindergarten at the same school. They are riding the bus and everything! 

A few weeks later our girls had their first day of school. Sydney is starting her Junior year at UNG. We got her moved into Owen Hall and a few days later it was go time.

First Day! 
Love that she sent me a photo. 

And finally it was Jordyn's turn to start school. Since she isn't at Etowah we couldn't chalk her parking space before the first day of school, but I wanted her to have a decorated parking spot so I chalked her spot at home. The problem was in the middle of my masterpiece it started to rain. My mom was so sweet and brought me a tent and tarps trying to salvage my work. It did help, but the rain was pretty relentless. 

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