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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Farmers

This past Saturday I took the kids to Mr. Jeff's farm. We know Mr. Jeff through the furniture business. He was kind enough to let us visit his farm so the kids could see his animals. I met Amy (sis-in-law) there in hopes of getting a few pictures of all the kids together for Easter. The farm was so cute and for the most part the kids had a great time. There were several sheep, including 5 baby lambs, a few little goats, a baby cow, a cat and several doggies. Two of the baby lambs were still bottle fed so the girls got to feed them. Sydney also got to give the cow a bottle. Sydney was pretty much in heaven. She absolutely loved the farm and the animals. She spent much of her time there chasing the sheep around by barking at them. She said she was being a "sheep dog". I'm not sure who was having more fun, Sydney or the dogs that were helping her chase the sheep.

Jordyn on the other hand did not have as much fun. Jordyn was less than enthused by the animals. Jordyn tends to get a bit prissy about certain things and I guess farm animals can be added to her list. I did get a few pictures of her feeding a baby lamb. Shortly after she informed me she was ready to go home. Lucky for me and everyone else Jordyn quickly lost her patience and had herself a lovely little crying fit. That pretty much sealed the deal on us NOT getting a group shot of the kids together with the little lambs. Jordyn was crying so much I finally let her sit in the car by herself where she was perfectly content. While all of this was going down my little Sydney was running herself ragged chasing and barking at the sheep. The girls couldn't be more opposite if they tried.

Bryce loved being outside. He doesn't get out a whole lot so anytime he gets outside he is happy as can be. Bryce even got in on the animal action by grabbing onto Princess the goat. Princess is a boy by the way. All of the animals were infatuated with Bryce when we got there. They were all sniffing him and trying to lick him. We figured out that the animals wanted Bryce's pacifier. He didn't seem to mind the animals and they didn't seem to mind him pulling their hair when he had the chance.

My niece Maisie had a fun time too. She liked pointing at the animals and pointing at her loud crying cousin. More importantly she got the chance to snag Bryce's car, which I think was the highlight of her visit. All in all it was a very fun afternoon at the farm and we look forward to going back soon. Even Jordyn!

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The Morris Family said...

I totally can relate to having no time to catch up on anything, you are awesome with three kids, I can barely keep up right now. Also with the head congestion. Brayden is still hacking a few times a day and the snot sucker is his worst enemy.