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Thursday, July 15, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 25

We have huge hanging baskets off of our front porch. I noticed many many weeks ago that we have a bird living in one of them. Every time I go out to water the plants this little bird perches herself on the corner of our house or the neighbors tree to watch me. When I'm finished she comes back. Well...the other day Bryan took the baskets down to sit them in the rain. I went out the next day to hang the plants back up and sure enough tucked away in the corner of the plant was a tiny nest filled with baby birds!

I was so excited I had to take photos. Then I started to panic because I didn't know if we had scared the mom off by moving her babies. So - I carefully hung the basket back up and waited to see if momma bird came back. Sure enough she did. Whew! I am making sure to take extra care when watering the plants. I love that the momma bird watches me. I even left her some bread crumbs on the front porch railing. I don't know if she eats bread, but I wanted to help her out one mom to another. ;)

Take a look at the babies!!

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