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Friday, July 16, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 26

Last night we had our first spend the night guest. Miss Lexie came to stay the night with us. There was a whole bunch of ENERGY in our house from all the kids...including Bryce. After dinner and some Wii Bowling we put the girls to bed around 9:00. Lexie stayed in Sydney's room while Jordyn stayed in her own room. At 10:00 Bryan had to remind the girls it was time for bed and to go to sleep. He had to remind them again at 12:15 am...umm yea. They were building a fort. Why sleep when you are having such a good time playing?!

Good morning! Lexie joined in our morning routine of vest treatment and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Breakfast! Followed by an entire day of swimming.
Lexie's mom (Lisa) came to pick her up around 4:15 this afternoon. I'm betting Lexie crashed out in the car ride home.
This is what our car ride home looked like.

Jordyn out cold!

The girl who said she wasn't tired... ha. ha.

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