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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Interesting Read...

This morning Bryce woke me up at 6:15. I'm not really down with this new wake up routine, but it allows me some extra time in the morning to catch up on reading while he watches cartoons and does the "beat box". This morning I caught up on some of my blog reading. I wanted to share one that I found really interesting. Ronnie over at
RSBR had a guest blogger and I really enjoyed reading her story. This is a nice reminder of how important it is to have Bryce involved in some sort of continual exercise to keep his special lungs healthy and strong.

Click HERE to read...

Have a blessed day!!


Gemma said...

I totally agree, really interesting read. After I read that I took Sophie for a run around with a ball at one of our parks!

She always manages to shift some rubbish after running around.


Unknown said...

I loved that story! Reminds me to make a positive example for Cayden!

Tara said...

Hi Jenny! I have been following your blog for a little while.. Thanks for pointing out that article on RSR. I hadn't read it yet.. it really is inspiring to see that someone's PFT's jumped so much.

Your Bryce reminds me of my little brother, now 30. They even have the same blonde look. Michael's CF was very uneventful. He didn't take care of himself at all as he grew into his teens and adulthood and he is doing wonderful. It's nice that Bryce is living a normal little boy life right now. I also lived a "normal" (i really don't like that word) life. I was an athlete, runner and triathlete. It's only been the last year that I have been on IV's more than off, but my gosh that story does give my hope that my PFT's can skyrocket as soon as I can run again..

Thank you for all your upbeat, funny posts.