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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tap. Point. Jazz Hands.

The event the girls worked hard for all year has come and gone. My little dancers danced their tails off over the weekend and did such a great job. They dance through the dance ministry with our church: Dance For His Glory.

I am one proud mommy.

Sydney's recital was on Friday night.

She did a tap dance and a jazz dance routine.



I'm sad to say that this was Sydney's farewell performance. No more dance for our little lady.

She is trading in the sequins and make- up for sweat and dirt!! She wants to be a full on soccer player...and soccer totally suits her.

Jordyn's recital was on Saturday. Yes, a weekend full of dance (amongst other activities).

Jordyn did a ballet dance and a tap dance. We had some "oops" moments with the video camera so there are some interesting angles during her ballet dance (just tilt your head to the left) and there ended up being only a few seconds of her tap routine recorded which she clearly nailed as you can see!



The great thing about having 2 daughters that are so totally opposite: Jordyn is going to keep dancing and has decided to not play soccer. Baby girl does not like to sweat or play in the dirt; however, she loves getting to wear pretty dresses...so dancing it is for Jordyn.

We get the best of both worlds with our beautiful girls, which I think is pretty perfect!

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Gemma said...

What awesome pictures and I can see why you are one proud momma!
I think it's great your girls are so different, and at least you get to still participate in both 'worlds'. It's great they both do things they love and I'd love to know how on earth you fit everything in!!!??

Take care xxx