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Friday, June 17, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 3

Today was a BIG day.

Jordyn reached a milestone.
In her swim lesson today she swam all by herself without her float pack and without any help!!
She swam from one side of the shallow-end to the other. She even jumped in the pool and would then swim to the other side. What an exciting day for her!
I knew she would get the swimming thing at some point this summer, but didn't expect it to happen this early in the season. She still wears her float pack when we aren't in the pool with her, but none-the-less our baby girl is well on her way to zipping around the pool like her sister.

All that swimming and jumping wore her out so she curled up on the oh-so-comfortable swing in the shade and took herself a 2 hour nap.

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