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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

50 Days of Summer!

I know it's not the official first day of summer yet, but I decided to go ahead and start my 50 Days of Summer blogs. I did this last year and wanted to do it again because I really enjoyed it. A blog each day of what is going on with us during our summer. We don't have anything fancy planned this summer other than enjoying time with family and friends.

The first day of summer officially begins on June 21st, but I have decided to go ahead and start this blog series so we don't take our 50 Days of Summer into the start of school. Nothing says summer is over like going back to school! We have been celebrating summer for 2 weeks here already and so far are having a blast.

Since we spend most of our free time at the pool, here are a few pics from our last pool outing to start our 50 Days off.

Sydney talking about her swimming skills to Bryce. He is impressed. ;)

Jordyn is getting better with her swim skills.

Girl loves to pose...clearly!

Watching their big sister do a handstand.

He was telling someone "No". The dive stick really puts emphasis on how serious he is.

The kiddos got just enough swim time in before the rain came.
Happy to have some rain because we have needed it!

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