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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wanna Ride?

Last night we had after dinner play time. The kids were riding bikes and scooters. Bryce was riding his little Lightening McQueen 4-wheeler. He thought he was big time until our new neighbor's, Allen and Krystal, asked him if he wanted a ride on a BIG 4-wheeler. This was music to Bryce's ears...especially when he saw the 4-wheeler. He was all smiles during his ride around the neighborhood.

When his ride was over he did a fist pump in the air and yelled,

"That was awesome!!"

All boy I tell ya.

Krystal is in for it now because this boy is going to ask her for a ride EVERY TIME he sees her!
Once the girls saw the 4-wheeler they wanted a ride too! I don't think Krystal knew what she was sighing up for. She was so nice to give each of the kids a ride around the neighborhood.
Bryce was upset when his ride was over. We told him he had to wait for everyone to have a ride before he could ride again.

Clearly...he did not want to wait.
Bryce was lucky enough to get one more ride in before bath and beat box time. I am going to have to put full blame on Allen and Krystal if Bryce starts asking Santa for a 4-wheeler!!
In this photo he was saying "this is cool" and apparently during the 2nd ride he asked Krystal to go FASTER!!

Thanks for the ride neighbors.

The kids had a great time.


Gemma said...

So much fun! I wanna ride too :)
Wow he has no fear does he?
The picture of him sat on the side of the street crying makes you just want to scoop him up and snuggle him though. After seeing that face I'm sure he can get away with anything! He's too cute!


Raegan said...

Hi! I found your blog while searching for summer things to do. I stopped to read and saw that your little boy has CF found by newborn screen. My 3-year old son also has CF, found by the newborn screen. He is DeltaF508 and Q1012P, a combination not described by anyone as of yet. He is is doing chest PT via vest and inhalants. We don't know what the future hold for us, we just pray he keeps healthy.

I'm going to dive more into your blog now. :D

Best to you and your beautiful family.