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Sunday, July 3, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 19


July 3, 2003 ~ 6 lbs, 13 oz

Much needed rest after a rough entry into the world.

Sydney's 1st birthday.
We did a red, white and blue theme to celebrate her birthday and America's birthday. She looks sad because she had a 103 temp due to Roseola. We spent 3 hours at the immediate care before her party started. Not feeling well did not stop her from eating cake!

Sydney's 2nd birthday.
The theme was in honor of her new big girl room , which was painted black and pink. So for the party, but we decorated everything in black and pink.

Sydney's 3rd birthday.
Sydney wanted a kitty cat birthday so a kitty cat birthday we had. Sydney is a lover of cats!

Sydney's 4th birthday.
This was a luau party! We had a jumpy with a slide...and a whole bunch of rain. The kids didn't mind the rain one bit and had a blast splashing around it in.

Sydney's 5th birthday.
My mom's house was finished being remodeled so this was her first pool party.
She's had a pool party ever since!

Sydney's 6th birthday.
Another pool party with family and friends!

Sydney's 7th birthday.
A pool party theme at where else...the pool. We love having summer birthdays so we can enjoy the pool. She had a party with her friends from school.

Sydney's 8th birthday.
A soccer themed pool party. Our beautiful girl before her party started.

She's officially EIGHT. It's crazy how fast we got here. For the past week Bryan and I will just randomly say to each other, "Can you believe Sydney is going to be EIGHT?" Maybe we are stuck on Sydney turning eight because it's another reminder that we are getting older too. Ha!

Sydney, I love being your mommy. I am so proud of the young lady you are blossoming into. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow and mature each year. Although it pains me a little to see you grow up so quickly, I am so excited to see what your eighth year of life has in store for you. If it's anything like the past years it will be fill full of fun, excitement, laughter and love. Happy birthday sweet girl. Thank you for making me a mommy.
I love you (((THIS MUCH!!!))).

We started Sydney's birthday off with muffins. My go to breakfast treat for any special occasion...or I will make up an occasion just so I can make muffins and eat them. ;)

Birthday Girl...all 8 years of her!
Bryce with doughnut in his mouth. Bryan asked him who's birthday was it. He said, "It's my birthday!"
Next up...presents!
A big pack of Zoobles!
Love the faces!
Clearly this gift is a crowd pleaser!
A Zoobles Club House!!
A very happy birthday girl...and little sister. So far the sharing of the new toys is going very well!
Bryce is happy too. Notice he STILL has doughnut in his mouth.
What could this be...
Mom's old iPod?! (I got a new one for Mother's Day)

This gift came with an explanation. Sydney said for her birthday she wanted Zoobles, an iPod or a laptop.
Umm...say what with the last two choices?
I was hoping to hold off on requests for high dollar gifts for a little longer, but I guess we are at that point. Bryan and I have been debating this iPod thing for weeks because we know the iPod she would enjoy most is the iTouch. Sydney loves music and she loves to play games so I know she would enjoy and use an iTouch, but the little boogers are pricey and break easily if dropped. So, this gift is a trial run. We explained to her that for the next few months if she can keep up with this iPod and take care of it which includes keeping it out of the reach of little fingers we will take her out to buy her own iPod.

Next up on this day of celebration, we are taking the kids to see Cars 2!

Have a fantastic day everyone!!!

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