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Monday, July 4, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 20

Happy Fourth of July!!!

I was going to hold off on my post for today until later in hopes of getting some firework shots, but the rain is currently not cooperating.

We spent our day at the pool...of course! We had some friends and family join us which is always nice. Everyone enjoyed a relaxing afternoon chatting and soaking in the pool. Oh and we ate some good food and even better desserts!! Slurp.

I didn't take many photos today because I was too busy chatting everyone up. You know me when I get to talking.... :)

After the pool we went home to hang with our neighbors. Unfortunately the rain came in a put a "damper" on everything; however, it didn't stop the neighbors from putting on a fireworks show. I'm not talking Walmart fireworks either.
I'm talking fireworks you have to drive out of state to buy.
The show was great and the best part is we watched it from our garage!
No traffic...what what!
The girls loved it and Bryce slept through it. He must be seriously tired because it was VERY LOUD!

I hope everyone had a fabulous day enjoying our beautiful country!

Happy Birthday America!

These are Sydney's feet...handstand action!
Honey is in the pool.
I repeat...Honey is in the pool!!!

Look at this stinker!
Miles is always smiling. :)

We were playing peek-a-boo under the table.
Fourth of July 2011!
Love. Love. Love.


Gemma said...

I am loving these 50 days of summer posts! I cant keep up though ha!

I absolutely loved the videos and had to watch Bryce running into the pool over and over. It's the way he is chuckling so excitedly that does it!

I need some pool action, beam me over please!?

Victoria's Mom said...

Awesome 4th of July. Always love it when the neighbors put on free fireworks show. Ours did too. My daughter had to have firing range muffs on her ears so we could go close enough so the trees weren't in the way. Amazing Bryce slept through it!