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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 21

Last summer a momma bird made her nest in our hanging baskets off the front porch. I thoroughly enjoyed checking on the nest every few days to how the little birds were growing. I was a little sad once the birds were gone.

Much to my delight, we got another nest this year.

It is probably a good thing that birds make their nests in our hanging plants because if they didn't I would forget to water the plants. Okay...I'm lying, even with the nest I still forget to water the plants. I usually go to check on the birds and then forget all about watering the plant. I am NOT a plant person. I've neglected every house plant (and hanging plant for that matter) brought into our home...not on purpose, but I just don't think about watering plants after the kids and dog have been fed.

This is the mommy and daddy bird (I guess). There were always 2 birds that would fly away from the nest when I would open the front door and watch me "water" the plants.
I went to take one last picture of the birds because I knew they were getting big enough to leave the nest and right when I was about to take the picture...the birds left the nest. Scared me to death when they all shot out so fast in different directions. I was definitely not expecting it. I about killed myself because I was balancing on the railing of our front porch. Luckily my cat-like balancing skills kicked in and I didn't fall. If the neighbors were watching I'm sure they got a good chuckle at my expense!

Now that the birds have left the nest, the ferns have died and we are back to having a bare porch. I guess I'll give it another go next year.


Poor plants.

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