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Friday, July 15, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 31

It's Friday as in Pool Friday.
Go figure that it's been boiling hot all week here in Georgia except for the day we go to the pool. It was overcast. A light mist of rain stayed with us for majority of the day. This did not stop swim lessons and it did not stop the kids from having fun in the pool. As for me...I was huddled in a chair with a towel to keep my legs warm and I ended up having to borrow a hoodie from my mom. I was freezing! Bryan and the kids assured me the water was warm, but the thought of being wet and cold when I got out of the water kept me sidelined. The highlight of my day was getting to visit with friends I haven't spent much time with lately.

After some fun in the drizzle, the kids watched a movie. Not the Pool Friday I had envisioned (sun, lounging in a float while my kiddos splashed).
The kids had a blast, and really...that is what matters most.
Watching movies and eating snacks with Noah and Elijah.

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