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Monday, August 15, 2011

And then there was one...

It's now just me and my boy at home.

The girls went off to start a new adventure.
Sydney started 3rd grade and Jordyn started Kindergarten.
I'm a little blue today. This is the first time in 8 years of being a mommy that I haven't had at least one of my girls with me. It's always hard to swallow that your kids will spend more time with other people than you during the week.

Our morning started off early. I got the girls up at 6:20. We dressed, brushed teeth and fixed hair while Bryce did his vest. After dressing the girls went down to enjoy a muffin filled breakfast. I told you I like to come up with excuses to make muffins and the first day of school is a justified excuse. We had pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. I don't normally like pumpkin flavored stuff, but these are delicious. While Bryce was finishing up his breakfast the girls and I went outside for first day of school pictures.
I mean...you've GOT to have first day of school pictures.
And yes...I made them do some cheesy stuff.
I had too!

Aren't these uniforms adorable??

The knee socks were a must. I had to get them knee socks. Paired with their new multi-color checked Vans - they were taking those uniforms to the next level. Oh and the hair bows...I went out and got them fun hair bows too.

I told you I had to make them do some cheesy stuff. They will thank me one day when they look back on their childhood pictures.

My beauties...we got to this day WAY TOO FAST.

The drive to school was quick. It took about 15 minutes. There was no traffic going towards school other than a little wait at an Elementary school we pass on the way. The car pool drop off went VERY smooth considering it was the first day. I tell you...this school has really worked hard on making this all come together so well at the last minute. They have far exceeded my expectations.

For this first week of school the Kindergarten kids can be walked into the school starting at 9:00 am. School starts at 8:00, but for this week only they are letting parents walk their Kindergartners in at 9:00 to get them used to things. No parents were allowed to walk into the school this morning, which is why everything was running so smoothly I'm sure. Well...my Jordyn opted out of waiting until 9:00. She decided to go through the car pool line with Sydney and walk in like a big girl without her mommy.
Do you hear my heard breaking a little?
With that said I was so proud of her for being so brave and ready to take on this new adventure.

This was the only photo I could snap when they were being dropped off. They had the line moving quickly...I didn't even look into my camera for this photo. I just held it behind me and starting shooting. Not a bad pic if you ask me!! While they walked off I was being motioned to keep moving. It was about that time I started tearing up because I was sad, but so proud of my girls. As we were pulling out of the parking lot Bryce was upset that he wasn't staying at the school. He didn't understand why he couldn't go to school with the girls. By the time we got back onto the main road to head home I was just about to break down when my boy comes to the rescue.
He randomly says, "Mommy. You pretty".
Oh this boy!! He has never said that to me. His timing was perfect.
I couldn't help but dry up and smile.

My only complaint about this morning was the drive home. It was not nearly as quick as the drive there. Bells Ferry Road really backs up and moves slow. It took me 50 minutes to get home from dropping off. I don't know if Bells Ferry is like this everyone morning, but tomorrow I will try taking the highway back home. I think it will move much faster even with traffic. If Bryce had to be at preschool this morning we would have been late. Hopefully going another route home will be better.

Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

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