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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apples and Cake

Off to open house at Bryce's preschool we went yesterday. He was beyond excited. Literally the excitement was oozing out of his little body...you could feel it. Bryce is going to be in the "Apple" class this year. He was so excited to see his room that he literally had no time to greet his teachers who waited for the kids by the classroom door. He practically pushed passed them to get into the room.From there is was game on...he had to look at everything and touch everything in the room which included him wanting to get the fish OUT of the fish tank. His teacher asked him to color an apple for their apple tree, which held his attention for all of 20 seconds. He sat down long enough to scribble a few lines on his apple before he was up exploring the room again. They also had him help decorate his class t-shirt, which also lasted all of 20 seconds.
I'm not sure, but I THINK Bryce will keep these teachers on their toes!!

Compared to the other kids that were visiting the class he was by far the most outgoing. Most kids were hanging onto mom and dad; doing the shy thing. Not Bryce, he was walking up to everyone and talking about what cool things he had found in the classroom. This kid is not shy in the least and is very friendly.Open house would not have been complete without something happening to make for a good story.
Story goes like this...

Bryce was sitting at the game table playing a game, when a boy named "J" sat down to play. After a few seconds "J" decides he doesn't want his game or the other 3 games on the table; he wants the game Bryce has and proceeds to "ask" for it. Bryce ignores him at first. Since "J's" parents are standing by the table as well I asked Bryce if he would like to share the game. He immediately says, "No. I play this game by myself".
Not the answer I was hoping for.
So I asked him again and he gave the same answer, which did not go over well with "J" as he started throwing a fit full of crying and slamming his hands on the table. I'm thinking...oh great, now what do I do?! While the crying gets louder Bryce leans back in his chair, gives a little laugh and proceeds to say to "J's" father, "That boy is crying like a baby".


It was one of THOSE moments. I controlled my desire to laugh because what Bryce said was very true. I was relieved when the dad laughed and repeated what Bryce had said to his wife, but still it made for an awkward moment. Technically Bryce was correct, the kid was crying like a baby because he didn't get his way; however, Bryce wasn't sharing. So I just simply looked at the parents and apologized while having Bryce clean up the game and then we called it a day.

I'm thinking this will not be the first story to come out of Bryce's first year of preschool!!

On to other news....

Guess who had a birthday yesterday??

\ | /
\ | /
\ | /

This guy right here...that's who.

I love how Bryce is looking at his daddy in this picture.

We celebrated Bryan's 36th birthday last night. We grilled pork chops and corn and had a side of broccoli casserole since it is one of Bryan's favorites. After dinner we topped the night off with some cookie cake! I had every intention of making a cake, but my day was much busier than expected. Since school started I have been so busy keeping up with our crazy schedule I hadn't even had the time to get Bryan a gift. After open house Bryce and I headed to the mall. Going to the mall with a 3-year-old is very time consuming...especially when you feed him lunch. I think it took us almost 2 hours to eat lunch, visit the Mickey Store (because he ate all his lunch) and then buy Bryan's gift (a fun pair of shoes).
By the time we finished at the mall it was time to get the girls from school.

In true Bryan form...always something silly to make the kids laugh.
Loving this picture.

Fabulous start to this weekend. I can't express how happy I am that it is the weekend. Some down time is just what this family needs. Starting next week our fall schedule will be running at full capacity through November. In the words of the Little Engine That Could...

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
I think I can keep up with everything!!

Have a great weekend party people!!

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