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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 1

50 Days of Summer is back!

**Bear with me as I play catch up on some of my days. 
We just got back from vacation and I figured I would start our 
50 days with the day we surprised the kids with vacation.  
I didn't bring the computer with me since it was vacation after all. **

Finally - summer is here! 

Our first official day of summer started on May 30th. Bryan finished up his last day of work and was home by lunch. We rushed the kids through lunch as both of us were giddy to spill the beans on our big vacation surprise...
Disney World!

 It's no secret that our kids love going to Disney. The girls were hooked after their first visit in 2009 and we have gone every year since. Sure, Bryan and I have to sell kidneys and blood (I kid) in order to take the kids, but the sacrifice is worth their enjoyment.

We had been sitting on our vacation news since early March (I started planning in February), which was really hard.Needless to say that telling them was fun for us.

Watch as the kids go from slightly shocked to total excitement!

A few pictures...

We finally arrived! 
Port Orleans Riverside Resort

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Alixa said...

That video is hilarious. Love it!