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Thursday, May 31, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 2

We started our first official day of vacation at the Magic Kingdom. 

The weather was great and the crowds were not bad at all. We enjoyed pretty much everything in the park with ease including meeting some of the characters. Most of our favorite rides we rode multiple times. Bryce's stroller was tagged as a wheelchair so we took it in line with us on every single attraction except for the People Mover. Our wait for each attraction was minimal if nothing at all and Bryce never had to be out in direct sun while waiting. It was pretty awesome... he never got overheated or super sweaty. 

We completed our day with character dining at the Crystal Palace. If you know me, then you know that this was a hard dinner decision to make because this particular character dining is the 100 Acre Woods characters...my very least favorite characters of all time. I'm not sure why, but Winnie the Pooh seriously annoys me! Just not a fan. With that said, after a slight mishap with the original table they sat us at (a round table about 34" in diameter to seat 5, umm - NO!) we had a nice dinner. Although the characters aren't my favorite the food was pretty decent and the kids devoured their food. 

We hit a few more attractions after dinner and then called it a day. 
We were all exhausted and in bed by 9:10!
 The day was overcast which helped mask some of the heat.
 We rode the Buzz Lightyear ride at least 3 times...kids love it!
 I always skip the Teacups...not a fan of spinning around in circles.
 Bryce's FIRST roller coaster ride! Boy LOVES roller coasters!
 Girl loves her some Thunder Mountain.

 See...park not very crowded at all considering the time of year.
 Getting sprayed by the totem poles.
 Love this pic!
 Magic Carpets!
The princess who has eluded us for so many years...we finally caught up with Jasmine!
 Learning to shoot while waiting to meet Merida (newest princess - Brave).
 Lefty's turn.
Look at that hair! And she had the accent down pat!
 This is Playful Tigger.
 This is Fresh Tigger. 
He was brushing up against one of "my girls" while signing the autograph books so I scooted over to give him more room. He then grabbed my shoulders, looked at Bryan and pointed to the camera so we could take a pic together. 
Fresh and Bold. Ha!
 Here are the girls just before we rode Snow White's Scary Adventures for the very last time. This attraction is being removed in order to put in a new princess "meet & greet" pavilion so we were told. Apparently they are going to add a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs roller coaster to Fantasyland.   

That's the end of Day 1. 
Sorry for the obnoxious amounts of pictures - I took over 200 the first day. 
I narrowed them down to 112. 
I only posted 36 I think. :) 

Mommarazzi was in full force.

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