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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 35

How does one go from this...

 Less than 24 hours old.
 3 months
 6 months
 7 months
 9 months

One year old.

To this...
 In what seems to be a blink of the eye? 

Our first born is 9-years-old today! 
Exciting yes, but hard to believe at the same time. 
Time is once again showing us how quickly it moves. 

I woke up early this morning so I could sneak out of the house and grab a surprise Dunkin Donut breakfast for the birthday girl. She was delighted by her yummy surprise and by a few gifts that were waiting for her when she made her way downstairs. 

A large pop-up soccer goal (she was so excited we didn't get her the small one) and a new pair of shoes made our girl very happy. Oh and I made her brownies too because I wanted her to have something to put candles in so we could sing her an official Happy Birthday!

 Our lovely little lady...all 9 years of her.
 We set out to buy her a pair of Toms because she has been asking for a pair; however, they were out of her size on both of the styles we picked out for her. Then Bryan spotted these and we both immediately agreed they were VERY Sydney.
 We offered up her taking them back to exchange for something else, but she wanted to keep them. Score one for Dad on this one!
 The happy birthday girl. 

And for birthday dinner tonight we are taking her to Dave & Busters...as requested. :)

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