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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 36

Happy Birthday America! 

We celebrated the 4th in true American style...a cook out by the pool with our family and friends. Definitely one of my favorite days of the summer thus far. We had so much fun hanging with some of our very favorite people. We had delicious food and beautiful weather. 

 Rhonda and Robyn
 Bryan and Tony running the grill.
 Bryce and Max "wrestling".
 My aunt, Carole
 Cece and her babies.
 Kari - silly girl!
 My dad making a funny face.
 Kati - Haley's mom.
 Sydney and Jordyn goofing around with Rhonda.
 Max - notice he has on floaties...remember this.
 Is that a body builder? Nope, it's just Miles.
 Kari and her hubs, Josh.
 Lindsay poolin' it with the body builder.
 Hailey sneaks up on Uncle Joe.
 She dumps water over his head!
 Uncle Joe is pretty darn surprised. :)
 Nice air Bryce.
 Ethan C. doing a cannonball.
 Okay - remember Max having his floaties on earlier. Well look at him go sans floaties! Max is officially swimming on his own.
 Big jump by Hailey.
 Nice form Syd.
 Bryce jumping with no float pack.
 Bryce swimming with no float pack on! Still needs a little work, but he did a great job.
 My Uncle Bobby - look very patriotic.
Miss Taylor looking cute as always. 

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