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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vroom x 4

A week later  I finally get around to posting pictures 
from Bryce's 4th birthday party. 
His theme this year was cars. 
He loves any and all cars, 
but he especially loves cars with big loud engines that go fast!

The weather was overcast and a little rainy, but thankfully the heavy down pours held off for the party and we had ourselves a great time. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. Bryce said this was his favorite party ever so I consider that a successful party! 

Warning: A LOT of photos ahead. I normally put them in a slide show, but I have yet to purchase more storage space on Google so until then you get a whole slew of photos to scroll through. 

First up - Pre-party photos.
 Bryce Carter - all 4 years of him!
Me with my baby.

Next up - The decor
 "Driving Glasses"
 I have a love affair with streamers - you can never have too many!
Goodie Bags!
 The spread.
 Car Wash = The Pool
Thank you to Pop (my dad), The Catlin's and the Fererro's for driving their sweet muscle cars to the party!

Party Time pictures!
 Nice photo bomb Uncle Andy!
 Ethan getting tossed by Uncle Joey.
 Here goes Sydney...
 Jordyn and Maisie watch and decide they would rather not be thrown. :)
 And here goes Ethan...
 He gets good air!
 Big sister Taylor wants a turn...
 There she goes! 
I wonder who is having more fun: 
The kids or Uncle Andy and Uncle Joey?!
 This pictures was taken just after Lindsay made a big announcement 
that she has been sitting on for 12 weeks....
I'll give you one guess as to what the announcement was!! 
Aunt Bonnie is clearly excited about the news!
Full pool party shot.
 Cece takes a dip in the pool. 
Thanks mom for being so helpful on the day of the party and for letting us take over your house!
 Hailey looking cute as always.
 Go Miles!
 Bryce cutting up with Rhonda.
 Muscle shot.
 Piper taking aim with a water gun.
 Flip time.
 Nice form Syd!
 Addi is having herself a grand time.
 Miss Ava!
 Ethan getting thrown again.
 Mr. Trey.
Miss Emmi!
 Seriously does this kid take a bad photo?
 Look at those dreamy big brown eyes.
 He can't help but be silly.
 A big jump by Emmi!
 Uncle Joey is up to NO good.
 My cutie pie niece - Maisie.

 Catlin cuties.
 T.R.O.U.B.L.E. x 2.
 How fabulous are these kids?! 
They are ready to do this thing called cake.
 Time to blow out the candles. 
I love that Ava takes her glasses off to get a better view. :)
 Blowing out the candles is serious business.
 Umm...how adorable is this guy?
 My beautiful cousin Kari and her sweet husband Josh.
Ava is coming in for a kiss.
 Bryce is not sure how to react.
 And the reaction after the kiss...
Fill in your own caption. :)
Dane is a seriously cool dude. 
Not only does he have a Mustang shirt, 
he has a sweet pair of shades to go with it now.

Present time!
 A talking Darth Vader mask from Aunt Amy, Uncle Jason and Maisie. 
Goes perfectly with what mommy and daddy got him for his birthday!
 Showing Pop and Papa his new car set.

Thanks to everyone who came out to make Bryce's 4th birthday perfect. I've said it a million times before, but I'll say it again...
we have the best family and friends around.

Seriously though - can y'all believe Bryce is 4 already?!

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Gemma said...

Aww belated happy birthday Bryce!!! You guys throw the best parties :)

I can't get over how tall he is!?