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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Last, The First and A Big "Oh Nooo!"

The last official Pool Friday of the summer rolled around this past week. 
Can you believe the summer flew by so fast?
 Bryce had his last swim lesson with Ms. Jamie. 
The swim lessons paid off because...
 Someone started swimming with no float pack on Friday!
 Jordyn loves to play Mermaid and this is her riding on a "sea horse".
 Max perfected his swimming skills this summer!
 Sydney likes to "lay out".
 Miles went from not even wearing his swim suit to the pool 
to floating around on his own and even jumping in!
 Sydney decides she wants to throw daddy in.
 He is such a good dad and really plays up the whole  ordeal.
 Bryan photo bombed Jordyn's cannonball.

When the last Pool Friday rolls around you know it's time for....


The girls started back to school on July 30th. 
I know...crazy that anyone should have to attend school in July. 
Sydney will be in the 4th grade this year and Jordyn will be in the 1st grade. The girls are attending Cherokee Charter Academy again. Thankfully I am carpooling with another mom so we can 
help keep each other sane with all the driving back and forth. 
Shout out to Erika for being my carpool buddy!!
 Our first grader!
 Check it...her shoes match her backpack.
She picked all of them out herself. Bryan was so proud.
Not pictured is her Georgia lunchbox. Go Dawgs!
Our 4th grader!
 Sydney wanted a satchel this year instead of a backpack.
She has a matching lunchbox as well.
 Yep...I made them do a cheesy pose.
 My mom did it to my brother and I so I had to continue the tradition.
 Sydney is not into Jordyn's big bear hug.
 They had a case of the "giggles".
 Hooray for the first day of school!!

And just for fun - here is a throwback cheesy posed photo of Uncle Joey and I from the year he started first grade and I started 4th grade. I loved that yellow dress...
and I seriously love Joey's striped tube socks. :)   

After school on Monday Jordyn started her first fall gymnastics class.
On the way home from gymnastics I did this...
Not a good end to the day and I still super mad at myself. I've actually been fighting a case of the blues over this whole mess. The kids and I are fine other than my back and neck being sore. After gymnastics I was driving in stop-and-go traffic on Hwy 92 right at 575. The kids were tired and cranky from their first day of school and were aggravating each other from the time we got in the car. Not 5 minutes before the accident I had asked the kids to keep their voices down because I was trying to concentrate on driving. I literally looked in my rear view for a second to look at the kids and when I looked back all I saw was a blue PT Cruiser with it's brake lights on. My big tank fared VERY well so remind me not to complain about how much it costs to fill that sucker up from here forward. I will pay a high gas bill any day for the level of safely the car provided the kids and I. I don't have any information on the family in the car I hit, but I do pray they are all okay. I was released from the scene so I don't know what happened after I left. 
My car is already at a shop being repaired and should be ready by Friday.

So...let's hope the rest of the school year goes a lot smoother than the first day!

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Gemma said...

Lovely pics as always :)

Your kids are growing up so so quick! It's strange as our summer holidays have just started here with soph back at school September!

I'm also so relieved to hear you are all okay after your accident. Scary to think how a split second distraction could be so dangerous.

Anyways, cars can be fixed. Have a (hug) though.

Take care xxx