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Thursday, June 13, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 7

I blew it on my original plan for today's blog. 

Bryan took his dad and my dad shooting today for Father's Day. 
Bryan was super excited because he finally got to shoot his AR15. I was going to send Bryan with a camera, but forgot. Then I forgot to take a picture of the dads once they got back home. 

Old lady syndrome strikes...again. ;) 

So since I don't have a pic of the boys shooting guns you will have to settle for more Disney pictures. I can just hear your excitement!

Disney day 3: Hollywood Studios! 

As you can tell from the photos it was Star Wars Weekend.

 Our first stop was to take our little Darth to see big Darth. 

Mini me.

 Clearly I didn't get the memo that everyone was going to smile. 
I thought everyone was going to go all hard and serious.

 We were first in line to see Darth Maul so Bryce was standing in his spot when he walked around the corner to take his place. I think it caught him off guard because for a very slight moment Darth Maul gave a little grin. 

 Sizing each other up.


Bryce was "using the force" on pretty much everyone. He would even use it on other adults and kids waiting in line. He thought it was so hilarious. He was just a giggling behind his mask. I kept telling him Darth Vader doesn't crack up when using the force. 

 Syd was thrilled to meet Queen Amidala. :)

 Chatting her up. 

 Once again, Bryce was using the force. 

 Thankfully - all was forgiven. 

These guys are funny and good characters to interact with. 
Remember in the movie when Mr. Incredible wants a new super hero costume. Edna tells him No CAPES! Well as soon as Bryce walked up with his Vader cape on Frozone and Mr. Incredible stated making the motions to say "NO CAPE". 
It was pretty funny. 

Gun Show.

I didn't take many pictures at Hollywood Studios although I'm sure it doesn't seem that way. There was so much stuff I didn't take photos of! Jordyn rode Rock N Roll Roller Coaster for the first time. She wasn't exactly sure how she felt about it afterwards. Sydney does NOT like the Tower of Terror. I wish I had a camera of her face while we were on it. Tower of Terror is my favorite...thankfully Bryce manned up and rode it with me twice. We had dinner at the 50's Prime Time Cafe and as usual it was delicious. We love that place and our waitress was the best we have had there so far. 

And there you have it - Day 3 complete. 

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