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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bryce's First Day of Pre-K!

We are 3 weeks into school and I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Bryce's first day of pre-k! My main excuse is our relatively new laptop is having Internet issues so we need to take it in for repairs. Thankfully I have a work computer that can fill in until we get back up and running.
Bryce has a late summer birthday so we opted to put him in pre-k this year verses sending him off to kindergarten. There are times I have questioned our decision, but ultimately I think this will be positive for him, especially down the road. We have only gotten positive feedback fro other parents that have made the same decision so that has helped. Bryce is attending pre-k through the Georgia pre-k program so he goes to school Monday through Friday for a full school day which means he EATS at school. Gulp! This is the first time in 10 years that I haven't had one of my babies at home with me. I thought it would be a hard transition, but people...I have rediscovered that I am a machine when I can work solo! I feel like I'm making some major progress on deep cleaning our house.
Bryce was so excited to start school. He walked in that classroom like he owned the place. The kid has such confidence! He had a great day and was so excited to show me all the different centers in the room when I went to pick him up. He was especially excited to show me the Science center.
My first day at home alone didn't go as smoothly. There was some slight drama between me and the school director regarding Bryce's food/snack and his enzymes, which was and has been my fear of Bryce going to a full day school. I won't go into details, but thankfully everything was worked out after the school day was said and done. The school has their rules and we understand that, but Bryce has his own rules for eating that have to be followed. We are all on the same page now and things have been going very well. The biggest issue currently is getting Bryce to actually eat what is in his lunch box and getting him to eat it in the allotted 20 to 25 minutes they give the kids to eat. Every morning I give him a pep talk regarding his lunch so hopefully today is the day that he will actually eat everything! The school knows to give him 3 enzymes at lunch so the rest is up to Bryce. We have had some CF stomach/potty issues since school has started, which I did expect since the teachers aren't going to sit there and make him eat like we do. They have 20 other kids to tend to. I'm hoping that the stomach issues will help him learn how taking his enzymes and eating ALL his food go hand in hand.
This year will be a great year of practice prepping us for kindergarten next year!
 First day of school...WHAAAT!

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