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Sunday, October 6, 2013

One Gigantic Post

So - my last post was way back on August 21st. As soon as school starts our crazy fall schedule kicks in and I feel like there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish all I want to do. The blog is one area that always seems to fall to the way side as a result of not having enough time.

There has been so much going on since my last post so I'm going to try and fit everything into one post to catch everyone up to speed. I'll do my best to keep it sweet, short and simple. Please note that I said I would do my best. ;)

Here. We. Go.

We helped Pop celebrate his birthday poolside so we could squeeze in a few more pool days before the summer ended.

Soccer season is in full effect. Sydney "kicked" the season off with a tournament. She is playing on the same team as last season, but this year they have moved up an age division - U11. The weekend of the tournament was a rainy one. If you live in Georgia then you are not surprised by this at all. It seems like all it did this summer was rain. Half way through the first game the skies opened up and just poured on us. It was a form of torture for me. I did an indoor sport growing up so I'm so not into this whole play in the rain and cold thing. It's kind of awful, but the girls played pretty awesome so that made up for it! The girls ended up making it to the championship game and let me tell you...it was a very exciting game. The game ended in a tie, which then went into TWO sudden deaths that ended in a tie. From there the girls ended up losing it in the penalty kick off 2 to 1. It was so close and so exciting and so muddy.

 See the mud puddle? The whole center field was like that!

Volleyball season is also in full effect. Bryan isn't home very much so we really miss him. He currently has 4 of his starting players out with injuries so the season isn't going as well as he would like, but the girls are trying really hard to rally together and make the best of it. Bryan's birthday fell on a Monday so we took the opportunity to celebrate him the whole weekend before. I'm pretty upset with myself for not taking a single picture from our little birthday celebration at home. Can you believe that? Since I forgot to take pictures of the kids singing to Bryan and him blowing out the candles on his cake we ended up buying him birthday cupcakes on his actual birthday. Yes people...I did this just so I could take a picture of him and the kids.

Bryce rounded out August by falling out of his bed super early on the one morning we all had to sleep in.  It went something like this: We heard a thud. Bryan says, "Someone just fell out of their bed". Then we hear crying. Bryan was already getting out of the bed so I decided to stay put. I see the bathroom light go on and hear Bryan say, "We have blood". I jump out of the bed, take one look at Bryce's head and in less that 10 minutes the boys are dressed with teeth brushed and in the car headed to the ER for stitches. Bryce ended up with 7 stitches. This is his 3rd set and something tells me they will not be the last.

 Just before heading out...head busted open, but still smiling.

Before we could come up for air the month was over and we were celebrating Labor Day...in the rain. Shocking. It rained AGAIN, but we made the best of it and ended up having ourselves a lovely little get together at the pool with family and friends. The kids even treated us to a fashion show.

After a fun Labor Day we hit a little low. On September 3, 2013 we had to say goodbye to our Boss. He hasn't been 100% for a while so we knew this day was coming. He had been acting off all weekend and we noticed over the weekend he wasn't eating hardly anything. When we got home from soccer on the 3rd, I went out to feed him and he was laying under the back tree. He didn't even move when he heard me coming down the stairs. Poor thing couldn't move and he had labored breathing. I knew he wouldn't make it through the evening so just before putting the kids to bed I had them all put their shoes on to come out and say goodbye to him. Saying goodbye was so much harder than I expected, but one of the toughest parts was watching Bryan carry our big baby from the back yard to the car. It's been an adjustment around here for sure. I've walked to the back door several times since then with food scraps in my hand. Sydney took the news the hardest and she hosted a funeral for Boss. She made a memorial table with all of his things and even wrote the sweetest eulogy. The crazy thing about this is...she has never been to a funeral and she pretty much nailed it.


September in Georgia means the North Georgia State Fair comes to town. Bryan hasn't been able to go with us for the past several years due to volleyball so it was  treat that he could make it this year. We went on opening night and I must say...it wasn't crowded at all and the weather was perfect. Might have to keep that in mind for next year. Kids had a blast as usual and I was pleased because we did the whole evening for the bargain price of $60.00. We have never gotten out of there spending so little so it was a win for everyone! For our local friends...next year plan ahead and you can order 50% off ride coupons in advance. 




The very next morning we headed to Bryce's belt promotion at karate. He graduated from his white belt to a white belt with a gold stripe through it. He was so excited to get his new belt.

Look at that face!
 He's so  proud!
His playin' it cool face.
Bryce and Mr. Parman.

On Sunday September 21st Miss. Jordyn lost her 5th tooth, which was the first of her top teeth. She even pulled the tooth herself! I was relieved because pulling teeth kind of grosses me out. I was working on it for a few and suggested she try to pull it on her own. A few tugs and she had it! Now my baby girl is looking older, which makes me sad and excited all at the same time. 

The last weekend of September kept true to form for us...it was busy. Jordyn, Bryce and I helped cousin Ezra celebrate his first birthday. It was a cute party for a cute boy. My sister-in-law, Amy, did a great job on the Monster themed party.

Sydney wasn't able to join us at the party because she had a soccer game in Roswell. Thanks to my mom for filling in for Bryan for the day. She took Syd to soccer since the game and party were at the same time! Bryan was supposed to be at the soccer game, but at the last minute he got a ticket to the UGA vs LSU game so he headed down to Athens for the day. College Game Day was hosting from Athens so it was a fun game to be at. As many of you know, Bryan's good friend Travis (some of you know him as Lee) has stage 4 cancer. This past week has been an emotional one for the Roberts as they learned the chemo isn't working and the cancer is growing. In hopes of lifting some spirits Travis's brother-in-law, Joe, waged a campaigned via Twitter to get Travis on the College Game Day show by tweeting #TravOnGameDay and guess what....it totally took off and resulted in a local news channel picking up the story. They ended up having #TravOnGameDay retweeted well over 650,000 times. Umm...AMAZING!! It was fun to be part of and I want to say thanks to all of our family and friends who helped out with that. Travis wasn't on College Game Day, but people heard his story and "the crew" all got backstage passes to the show. They were able to meet all the guys from the show, take pictures and get autographs. Add all that onto the amazing nail biter of a game and the guys had themselves a pretty amazing day. I was so happy Bryan was able to spend the day with his friends so they could all enjoy the day together like old times. Great memories made for sure. If you would like to keep track of the Roberts family please follow their beautifully written blog at www.concretefaith.com. I also ask that you keep the Roberts family in you prayers.

And since starting this post another week has gone by, but no worries...I'll spare you the pictures. If you are still reading kudos to you. I appreciate you reading and keeping up with our busy family. I'm hoping that things will start slowing down towards the end of October, but I'm not holding my breath. We have been so busy I haven't been able to keep in touch with anyone and I'm missing my people so I have a lot of dinner dates to make up for!

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