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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our Jordyn is EIGHT!

I feel like I sit down to write birthday posts way too often. Exciting...of course, but also a little sad for dear old mom as I say goodbye to another chapter in our family's story.

Today our littlest beauty...my "Baby Girl" is EIGHT!

A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Jordyn Brooke.

Last night before bed Jordyn separately told Bryan and I that she was happy and sad to be turning 8. Of course we asked why and this was her response:

"I'm sad because I won't ever be 7-years-old again and I'm happy because I'm closer to being with Jesus".

Yes dear friends, our sweet girl actually said that. That is what type of heart our little girl has. She has such compassion for others, is so caring and so selfless. Most importantly, girlfriend definitely loves Jesus. Makes my heart want to burst. I'm beyond proud of my Jordyn and the lovely young lady she is developing in to. Between her adorable personality and her Christ filled heart she is one beautiful girl. I'm so thankful that I get to be her mom.

I know I've done this before, but I'm going to do it again because going through old pictures makes my heart happy.

A little trip down Jordyn memory lane...

One day old!

6 months old. Our "chubbiest" baby.

1st birthday!

2nd birthday - UGA party!
 Halloween 2007. Little Minni Mouse. Not a birthday photo, but she looked too cute not to share.
 3rd birthday - monkey party!
 4th birthday...costume party!
5th birthday - cowgirl party or as she called it...a Jessie party! 
 6th birthday - art party.
 Little artist.
7th birthday - gymnastics party.
 7th birthday portrait.
(Ignore the fact that I put her in the same shirt and same hair clip today.)
And here we are one year later...our beautiful 8-year-old!
Took these photos to go on Jordyn's slumber party invites.
This morning Jordyn came down to breakfast to find a few birthday surprises. A new bike, a few gifts and donuts. Hooray for birthdays!
 She loves the gift Sydney gave her and I love this photo because my girls are hugging each other.
One silly and very happy 8-year-old.
Jordyn is having a slumber party on Friday. She is so very excited. Pray for Bryan and I - 14 girls and 1 crazy boy although I think only 9 are spending the night. It will be an experience!!

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