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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celebration #2: The Night Before

I'll start by saying this may have been my favorite Christmas Eve yet. Dad joined us for a really lovely service at church. From there we headed home for our traditional breakfast for dinner feast. Joey and Jay arrived and we got the festivities started. It was a group effort on dinner preparations and people let me tell you...dinner was delicious!

After dinner it was time to open some gifts. The kids were so excited because the gifts under the tree have been taunting them for about a month now. We took turns opening gifts, which was really fun. We laughed and joked and really just enjoyed each other's company. This Christmas Eve made up for last year's, which was a total let down. Jay got so sick that he never made it to our house and ended up needing mom and dad's help so everyone left early. 
Such a great night with my family celebrating the birth of our Savior.
I loved every single minute of it.
Geesh...I'm such a sucker for a good family get-together.

 Syd made this sign for Bryan and I at school.
I love it and can't wait to use it next year!

 I adore Jordyn's face in this picture.
She was so tickled by the monkey feet slippers Uncle Joey got her.
 Mom went old school on us and filled our stockings from when we were kids. We laughed so hard because the stocking was smaller than I remember and was busting out the seems with stuff. My stocking was always my favorite thing to go through on Christmas morning.
 I didn't fill a stocking for dad, but did fill a gift bag full of stuff. I figured putting toilet paper in there would give him a good chuckle and it did.
 Take a moment...Joey is smiling. He actually smiled a lot that night.
Sydney bought everyone in the family gifts with her own money this year. She first went out to look at things she might like to purchase. Then she made a budget and from there she went out to buy everything she picked out. Some of her gifts she made herself also. This is my dad drinking from the Duck Dynasty "Uncle Si" cup that Sydney bought him. It's pretty perfect. 
 Oh Jay...
 Definitely a Christmas Eve to remember.  
Before we knew it bedtime arrived and it was time to get ready for Santa.
Unfortunately Bryce had a rough start to the night. He was up coughing for 2 straight hours. We felt so bad for him. He was coughing so hard that it was causing him to throw up. Bryan ended up doing some good old hand CPT on his back, which really helped to break up some of that yucky thick CF mucus so he could cough it up and out.
(I'd like to report the cough is getting better and starting to break up so we are thankful for that.)
After that he finally was able to sleep, which was nice for all of us.

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