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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014 and More


Yesterday turned out to be quite the day for us southern folk. The "dusting" of snow we were expecting turned out to be much more, but the biggest issue was the blanket of ice under the snow that ended up covering EVERYTHING. Thankfully I left work when I did and seemed to be mostly ahead of all the crazy traffic that put majority of the state in gridlock. It took me 45 minutes to get from the furniture shop to Bryce's school which normally takes 10 minutes. I slid twice just driving, spun my tires after a red light where I was sitting on a hill, ended up running a red light because I couldn't get my car to stop ( I was only going 35 mph) and almost got stuck on the hill getting into our neighborhood. It was really one of the most stressful drives I have ever had in my life. I was worried about the girls being on the bus, but thankfully they got home safe and sound. After Bryan helped get all the kids at his school on buses he started his 2.5 hour drive home (this usually takes him 25 mins). Our awesome neighbor, Allen, helped pull Bryan's car up the hill into the neighborhood so we were all home safe and warm by 3:30 yesterday. 
This was not the case for so many...it was and is still a mess. There are people still stranded in their cars on highways as of this morning.

Of course when we get snow in the south we have to have those coveted snow pictures. We bundled the kids up best we could. We only stayed out about 40 minutes because I'm a wuss and couldn't take anymore. My toes and fingers were burning they were so cold. Bryce's cloth gloves and 2 pairs of socks were soaking wet and starting to freeze on him so we can in just in time. Even though it was a brief snow play we of course have a few snow pictures to share. 


Let's rewind to the beginning of this month and I'll quickly share what we have been up to this month because I've slacked on updating the blog. 

We started the month off with  cousin Maisie's 6th birthday party. The kids had a blast at her art party. I snagged these photos from my sister-in-law since I didn't take my own photos...I was taking photos for her so she could be the Hostess with the Mostess

If you are looking for a fun birthday party idea for girls and boys the art party theme is a great one. There are so many fun decoration, food and activity ideas to work with. You can check out some ideas from Jordyn's art party (6th birthday) by clicking HERE and you can check out cousin Maisie's art party (6th birthday) by clicking HERE.

The next weekend we were in party mode again for Parker's 1st birthday party. Parker is the little of my friend Lindsay. Lindsay and I have been the best of friends since, well, since her life began as I've known her since she was in her mom's belly. These pictures were taken by Tiffany at Kearney Photography. I did take a few photos myself, but looks like they haven't made it to my computer yet.
Is this a beautiful family or what? I adore these three. 

 This is my friend Raegan. Been friends since we were kids. She is from my skating days! 
(I still need to do a skating blog...I keep saying that). It was great to see her at the party along with her adorable twins.
 Dorothy and the Toto's. Not many will get that. 

Since the first 2 weekends of January were spent partying, Jordyn missed her first two cheerleading games. We finally made it to the 3rd game and she had herself a blast. She looked so stinking cute!

I have a short video of Jordyn cheering in my Instagram feed if you want to check it out. 
I'm under Jenlyn75. 

Before this Arctic weather moved in on us we were able to get outside on one of the more milder weather days. It was warm and sunny so we took full advantage of it. We even had popsicles. The sun was almost glowing so I took advantage of the sunlight to play around with my camera settings and my fixed lens.



And that my friends is what our January has looked like. We have taken full advantage of the slower pace and really spent any free time together at home. February 1st brings the start of Sydney's soccer season so we have this last week of down time before we kick into our crazy spring schedule. At this point I'm ready to get the party started so we can get ourselves to warm weather. These freezing temps have got to go.
Homegrown Georgia Peaches aren't made for this type of weather! 

Stay safe and warm friends.

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