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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 8

It was a little painful to type Week 8!! 

That was fast wasn't it? I don't remember a summer ever going by so quickly. Bryan is back at work this week, Sydney has a "mandatory" soccer camp and preparations for the first day of school on August 4th have started. I will be the first one to say I am NOT ready for the chaos. I am NOT ready for our crazy fall schedule to start up full steam ahead next week.

Our last week of summer together was low key and zipped by way too fast. The kids spent-the-night with Papa and Honey on Sunday night since I work on Monday's and Bryan had a meeting for volleyball to go to. My mother-in-law recently told me that babysitters get paid around $17.00 an hour these days so I just want to say again to the 4 wonderful grandparents in our life how much I appreciate them helping with the kids so often. There is no way we could afford a babysitter so it's nice to have grandparents work for free! They get paid in hugs and laughs so that's worth at least $17.00 an hour. Right?! ;)

Tuesday July 22nd was a special day. Our Bryce officially turned 6!! Good grief I can't believe my baby is 6. We kicked off the morning with cinnamon rolls, donuts and presents!

The rest of the morning was spent building Lego ships. For lunch we took Bryce to his favorite place to eat, McDonald's (go ahead and eye roll me, but it was his birthday) and then we headed to the movies. We saw How To Train Your Dragon II, which was a pretty fantastic movie.

Wednesday was exciting for me because I got my camera back from Canon. Fedex had been trying to deliver it back to me since Saturday, but we were never home when they came. I thought the repairs were more than they were, but it cost about $375.00 to repair. I am thankful the repairs weren't more than that and I am so happy to have my camera back. Working good as new. Now to squeeze in some time to take birthday photos of Bryce because I have yet to do that.
I had a dentist appointment on Thursday, which is never fun, but while I was there I get a text from Bryce showing me a picture of a package that was delivered for Bryce. It was his Kalydeco! After my appointment I rushed home so we could open the package together. 

Friday morning Bryce took his first dose of Kalydeco. I'm a nerd and videoed it. It was such a momentous occasion that I had to do it. You can click here to see it.

The morning moved quickly since we had to be at the school for a 504 meeting for Bryce. The meeting went really well.. The plan is still in the draft form since they wanted to monitor him in the class for the first month of school to see if there is anything they want to include on their end. Thankfully the group we met with were all familiar with CF as there was a 5th grade student that had CF last year. His teacher was at the meeting and I was so happy it was the teacher we were hoping for! I think she will be a good fit for Bryce. The PE teacher was in the meeting as well. She was very knowledgeable and understanding of CF since her brother-in-law had CF; he passed away at 33-years-old. So that fact the school in general have experience with a student having CF is comforting. Our biggest concern is making sure he is eating enough calories to correlate with his enzymes. Bryce is a social butterfly so I really wanted to make sure there was a plan in place to monitor his food intake and keep him on task in the lunch room. I think we came up with a good game plan so we will see how it goes. I'm so excited for Bryce to start kindergarten because I know he is going to LOVE it.

After the meeting we headed to where else, the POOL! It was a fun day at the pool. The Ferrero's were able to join us, which Bryce was thrilled about. The Howe girls joined us and on top of that we got to see Erin, Chrissi and Vivi. So glad I got to spend some time with Erin and Chrissi (yes, they are twins) before they went off back to work (both are teachers). 


 Bryce, Dane and Ava.  Bryce loved having friends at the pool to play with. 

 L to R: Me, Erin, Chrissi and Miss. Vivi. 


The kids spent-the-night with my mom on Friday night since they were going with my mom to the Green Bean Festival in Blairsville on Saturday. My mom is in a washboard band and the band was scheduled to play the festival. (Why yes, yes I did say washboard band). Sydney, Jordyn and Bryce helped during the show by holding up signs telling the crowd to applaud, sing along, etc. The kids loved it. Sadly I don't have any pictures or video, but rest assure if I get my hands on a video I will post it!

After church on Sunday we headed to the pool for one last family pool day before Bryan was back at work. Turned out to be a the perfect pool day. It was HOT so the pool was very refreshing. My dad, baby brother Jay and his girlfriend Sammie joined us as well. 

 Cece showing off her handstand skills. 


And that is that. Bryan is back at school and volleyball has started up again. Sydney has a mandatory soccer camp all this week, which is putting a damper on my Friday pool plans. :( I have a parent orientation for Kindergarten this week, middle school walk through and meet and greets for all the kids. 

People this is it. 
Summer is at an end. 
I am so sad. 

I seriously live for summer and it went by way too fast. I am having a very hard time facing the crazy schedule that is coming. And when I say crazy...I mean seriously crazy. Crazier than last fall. It starts Monday whether I like it or not. I keep telling myself this will help keep me youthful. 

Either that or it will kill me!

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