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Sunday, June 14, 2015

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 2

Jordyn is taking some tumbling classes this summer while she is on break from soccer. If we had time to do both during the year we would, but there is just no way. She loves soccer and she loves tumbling so unlimited tumbling in the summer is perfect for her. She quickly picked up where she left off almost 2 years ago. Click here to see a little video of her working on a back handspring. 

Our summer plans include a lot of exercise. Keeping the kids moving and in shape is important so we are going to make hiking Kennesaw Mountain a regular event. Bryce complained the most about our morning hike. It was hazy, hot and humid so I can't really blame him for complaining he was hot. Overall we really enjoyed it especially since we ate at Chick-fil-a afterwards. 


Thursday morning Bryce had to go in for Glucose testing. His A1C levels (I think that's what they were called) came back elevated after our May clinic so they needed us to go in to check those again. He had to fast, drink the yucky tasting fruit drink, get his blood taken, wait 2 hours and then have his blood taken again. The whole process took about 3 hours and he was a total champ. The best part was by Friday morning we had the results and his level were in the normal range! I was so happy to hear this. Whew. 


Pool Friday rolled around and we were looking forward to seeing friends. Cousin Maisie came to swim and the Howe Girls joined us for the day. The Pitoniak's made it for one last visit as well before they head out to their new life in Australia. Even Cousin Ezra took a dip in the pool. Last year he was not having it, but this year he was ready to swim like the big kids. A pool full of kids always makes for a fun day.






 Me and my sweet friend Casey!

I loathe blue popsicles. 

The kids spent-the-night with my mom, which left me all by myself since Bryan had a volleyball tournament to couch in Wilmington, NC over the weekend. I had great plans to go home and clean out some rooms while the kids were away, but I ended up eating dinner with my parents and the kids. From there I headed home and watched the US play Sweden in the World Cup. If you missed the game you missed a good one. It was exciting and ended in a tie: 0 to 0. 

On Sunday Bryce had a birthday party to attend at The Slide at Acworth Beach. He was SO EXCITED about this party. I ended up finding a Groupon for the girls to participate as well. Basically they set up a huge...and I mean huge, inflatable water slide up on the beach and you slide and slide and slide. You can hang out on the beach or enjoy the lake. We will definitely try to do this again because the kids had a blast. We ended up staying an hour after the party was over so the kids could keep going. The whole time I sat myself in my little beach chair and relaxed. It was a win for all of us! If you are in our area I would definitely recommend doing this. Make sure to look up the Groupon and make a day of it.


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