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Monday, June 22, 2015

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 3

Another week of summer in the books. This week seemed to go on forever to me. I think it's because we fit so much into one little week. I hate that our weeks feel like they go by so quickly.

Nothing too exciting to report from Monday. We had a productive day around the house and Bryan and I both had some work to catch up on. Tuesday we headed out to Kennesaw Mountain for a morning hike. It was crazy hot and humid. We had only one complainer and I'm sure you can guess who that was. In his defense the walk up the mountain this week was a bit harder than last because of the weather. The air was so thick that it made breathing a task. We don't take a leisure walk up the hill...we hustle and Bryce's little lungs were feeling it for sure. We rewarded our hard work with a trip to the pool to cool off. The water felt like perfection. We stayed for a few hours before heading out so we could get Jordyn to tumbling. 


Total excitement at tumbling because Jordyn did a back handspring all by herself on the floor. This girl has been determined to do this. She has since built up a little fear because she hit her head doing one, but none-the-less she has really made progress this summer. 

Tuesday evening we played outside while Bryan worked in the yard. Bryan is slowly clearing out the island next to the drive way so we he can sod it. 


I watched Bryan work!

The kids spent-the-night with Honey and Papa on Wednesday night. Bryan had volleyball practice so it left me all by my lonesome. What's a girl to do when she's all on her own? Go shopping of course! I thoroughly enjoyed my alone shopping time and ended up with 2 cute dresses as a result. The bummer news from Wednesday is that our AC went out on the main level and the upstairs unit wasn't cooling properly either so it's a good thing the kids were gone for the night.

I met up with a client Thursday morning while Bryan had volleyball practice. We met back up for lunch and then headed to the pool to meet up with the kids so we could stay out of our hot house. Even Honey got in the pool! Georgia has been bringing the heat lately. Thursday night I cooked dinner via the crock pot so I didn't have to turn on the oven. We ended up having dinner in the basement and started a Star Wars marathon since that's the only level that had working AC. Thankfully the AC guy showed up around 8:00 pm and got us back up and running. Whew!

 Cousin Maisie

Next thing we knew it was Friday and you guys know that means...Pool Friday. One of Jordyn's friends from school joined us and so did the Howe Girls. It was a delightful afternoon. The kids didn't want to leave at our usual time so we ended up staying through dinner. Bryan and I even got the pool to ourselves for a few while the kids took a "TV Break".
We used the opportunity to play with the GoPro.


Saturday Bryan took the girls shooting for Father's Day. Dad's shoot free when you bring your kids so he took advantage of it. This was Jordyn's first time shooting and apparently she did awesome.

While Bryan had the girls Bryce and I headed out to take birthday invite photos and to do some shopping for a Father's Day cookout. I got some really great shots of Bryce and he was very into the photo shoot. He was coming up with all sorts of poses to do for the camera. We found a nice shady brick wall for our background. The brick wall...also know as the side of Office Max worked perfectly.

Saturday night we had a cook out with my dad for Father's Day. Bryan had to coach on Sunday so we did our celebration early. My mom is out of town and so is Joey so we celebrated with just Dad and Jay. We ended up having ourselves a fun little evening.   

 Jay's Superman...umm??

On Father's Day we headed over to Honey and Papa's house for Father's Day lunch sans Bryan since he was coaching. After lunch we spent the rest of the day relaxing while waiting for Bryan to get home. 

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