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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 5

I'm late posting week 5. Oops!

Tuesday we headed out a little earlier than usual for our morning hike. That's become our weekly Tuesday ritual it seems. From there we hustled over to the movie theater to catch the early showing of Inside Out, which we loved!


The rest of the week went by in a flash and before we knew it Pool Friday was upon us. Pool Friday just happened to fall on Sydney's actual birthday. Jordyn spent-the-night with cousin Maisie on Thursday night so Syd had to wait to open her birthday gifts until Jordyn got to the pool. Sydney ended up having ALL her grandparents, Uncle Jay, Aunt Amy and Cousins Maisie and Ezra at the pool to help her celebrate. This worked out perfect because not only did we have people to help us eat her birthday cupcakes, she had a little audience to watch her open a few gifts.

 There she is in all her 12-year-old glory.

 Earring and necklace set from Jordyn.

 Elves Lego Friends from Cece.

 And then...the grand finale gift...

 Oh yes...it's a phone.

 I think she likes it and I'm positive she was super surprised!
We originally said no phone until at least 13, but with her staying after school for various activities and traveling to soccer games with teammates when we can't get her there we felt like a phone was in order at this point. Not shown are the photos of her reading the contract she had to sign that goes along with the phone. There are several rules attached to this gift so we will see how things go.
So far so good!

July 4th we woke up to rain. Boo! We headed to mom's house anyway for our traditional Fourth of July cookout. Thankfully the rain cleared and we ended up having ourselves a delightful afternoon with family.

 Syd took this great photo of  Honey!

 Bryan and Bryce looked too peaceful so the rest of us decided to cannonball them. Ha!

 Sydney decided to push Jordyn in the pool. 

 So Katie pushed Sydney in.

 Then Joey flung Hailey in, but look Katie is going in for the kill. 

 Got him. 

 Joey of course gets her back. 

 The whole time I'm just watching until Sydney thinks it's funny to push me in. Joey came to help. I put up a good fight, but lost in the end. Can't show you that picture because my bottoms started falling off. LOL!

All American Cuties. 

From here we headed home to hang with our neighbors and watch our own cul-de-sac firework show. Our yard looked like a war zone the following day!

I'm a little down because our "lazy" summer won't be so lazy from now through school starting. Lots of volleyball and soccer camps. 
Gearing up for school, indoor volleyball and soccer season has begun.

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