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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 6

Another week of summer in the books. Schedules around our house are slowly picking up pace and will continue to do so as school approaches. Ahh...it hurts to type that. 

On Tuesday we headed out for our weekly trek up Kennesaw Mountain. We shaved over 2 minutes off our last time, which was pretty good. We didn't even take any water breaks on our way up. This is huge for Bryce because the boy does NOT like walking the mountain. Ha!

All finished!

Wednesday the kids spent the night with Papa and Honey. Cousin Maisie was there too so a good time was definitely had. When the kids got home on Thursday Bryce walked into the house holding ice on his elbow. He hurt his elbow while playing Just Dance. According to Bryce a really good song came on (Party Rock by LMFAO) and even though it wasn't really his turn he just had to dance. In the midst of dancing he jumped off a chair to do a break dance move and came down straight on his arm...palm flat to the floor. Ouch! At home Bryce was being his usual energetic self, but I noticed he was walking with his arm/elbow pulled away from his body and would wince when he moved it sometimes so we decided to take him to Urgent Care that evening. The X-ray they took showed an area that could be a fracture so they splinted him up and referred us to a pediatric orthopedic. 

 After an interesting trip to the Urgent Care.

Friday we headed to the pool. Bryan had volleyball camp so he missed the fun, but the Mullinax boys and Howe girls were able to join us which we love. Bryce spent most of his time in the house watching TV and playing his Kindle. After lunch I took him to the doc, while the girls stayed at the pool with their friends. The Dr. said it was really hard to tell from the Xray what exactly was going on in there due to all the growth space found in the elbow, especially in young kids. There was definitely fluid so that lead him to believe Bryce has a hairline fracture, which needs a cast for 2 weeks. Unfortunately they couldn't do a waterproof cast so no swimming for him. Since Bryce's birthday party is next weekend at the pool the doctor had sympathy for us and is going to recheck him Friday to see how things look. Apparently this type of injury can heal quickly when casted so it's possible he can be cast free for his party. If not, he will enjoy his party from the side lines. No big deal because if you know Bryce you know he will have a good time either way. 

On Saturday we had some special guests over for the afternoon. The Grundy kids were in town with their dad because they are about to put their house on the market. They have been renting the house out the past 2 years and are now ready to sell it. (Know anyone looking for a house that would love living next door to us? It's a fantastic house with an awesome backyard!)
 The kids had a blast hanging with Aidan and Bella. They played like they see each other everyday. Thankful the kids were able to spend some time with the Grundy kids before they go back home to Virginia.

Sunday we headed to the pool just to torture Bryce. 
Kidding...he was happy watching TV, while we swam. My mom had washboard band practice so he wasn't inside by himself. It turned out to be a fantastic day. Cece, Pop, Jay, Joey and Katie all joined us and we ended up grilling out for dinner. We spent the day playing Categories in the pool and then we had a little impromptu dance party. I'm helping the girls learn the Tootsie Roll. Bahahah!

 Robot for warmup.

To the left, to the left...
This guy spent most of the day working. Volleyball stuff is in full swing.

Just 2 weeks left...
So sad. 

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