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Monday, July 20, 2015

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 7

You know what wasn't in our plans for our 7th week of summer?? Replacing our upstairs AC unit. The unit went out so we called our guy to come take a look. We were hoping it was an easy fix, but sadly it was a full on needs to be replaced issue. We are now the proud owners of a completely new upstairs unit...furnace and everything. The positive is that the upstairs is nice and cool. 

Sydney attended the Black and Gold soccer camp at Kennesaw State University for the week. Some of the girls from her soccer team attended too, which made playing soccer from 9 to 4 everyday in the blazing heat more bearable. Overall she really enjoyed it. 

Bryan had volleyball camp all week so he was MIA too. That left me with Jordyn and Bryce all to myself. We made sure to hit up Chic-fil-a for lunch on Cow Appreciation Day. The CFA near our house was so packed at lunch that we got our food to go so we didn't have to prowl for a table. 


Since I am a girl who appreciates a bargain you best believe that once Bryan and Sydney got home from their camps we all dressed in our best cow costumes again for free dinner. We didn't want them to feel left out so yes, we visited twice. Can you blame me?? CFA is the best!! 

Jo, Bryce and I also hit up the playground after dropping Sydney off one morning. I figured we would squeeze in some outside time before the afternoon heat kicked into high gear. My plan was to take the kids to the pool all week while Syd was at camp, but since Bryce was rocking the cast that changed up my plans a bit. 

 Our attempt at a slide selfie failed. 

Friday rolled around, which meant Bryce went back to the doctor about his elbow. They removed his cast and did new x-rays, which resulted in good news...no more cast! I was so relieved that he could keep the cast off and be cast free for his party on Saturday. 

The most exciting part of the week was Bryce's birthday party on Saturday. We had a smaller crowd show than usual since many people were out of town, but we still had lots of fun. Thank you so much to everyone who were able celebrate with him and make his day special.  His birthday isn't until the 22nd so as usual I am savoring my last days of having a 6-year-old. The last days EVER of having a 6-year-old!

 Sydney's new trick.

The fam trying to not to melt in the heat!


 Super Girl!

 Ezra made it through with a little help from Uncle Bryan. 

 Love birds. 

 Twinning with Uncle Joey. He loves his new hat!

 Pretty cool to hear him read his cards this year!!

 Sydney fought the pool and the pool won. 

 My favorite boys in the whole world wrapping up the night with a boys only swim.      

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