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Monday, August 24, 2015

Liberty Cup 2015

Over the weekend Bryan and I headed to Birmingham, AL with Sydney for the Liberty Cup. It was a a fantastic weekend of soccer for the U13 girls. They came ready to play some soccer! 

Their first game was delayed an hour due to storms. The first half of the game was played in the rain, which Sydney liked because she said it helped with the heat. 
They beat Wiregrass Flames (from Alabama) 2 to 0. 

 Game Face.
 Y'all...this girl was so tall!! 
Bryan of course said she should be playing volleyball instead of soccer.

 High kick! Really glad Sydney didn't take that knee to the chin.

 Turning on the jets.
 Photo by Chuck Flagg.

Due to the rain delay that put our 2nd game starting at 7:30 pm. The girls were just arriving to the fields when a thunderstorm moved in. Fields were cleared and another delay was in effect. Once they finally opened the fields again the girls started warming up only to have another storm move through so play was suspended for the night. Our 2nd game was reschedule for first thing Sunday morning. For the 2nd game we were at a different soccer park, which had turf fields. It took the girls some getting use to, but by the 2nd half of the game they were getting in a groove. Our second game was played against a team from Mississippi. The game ended in a tie at 0 to 0. 

Down she goes. 
Photo by Chuck Flagg

 Photo by Chuck Flagg

 Photo by Chuck Flagg

 Photo by Chuck Flagg

Next game was the semi-finals, which ironically was against the team we had just tied. At the final whistle the game was tied 0 to 0, which sent us to a PK (penalty kick) shoot out. We ended up loosing the game 2 to 1 in the shoot out. It was heartbreaking because our girls were definitely the stronger team. They controlled the game and played the majority of the game in front of the other team's goal. The girls just couldn't get the ball in the net. Even with the tough loss the girls played an amazing weekend of soccer and should be so proud of themselves. I think this was the best I have seen them play. I am beyond proud of how far they have come since last fall season. All of the hard work that the girls and Coach Patrick have put in shows and is starting to pay off.

Regular season play starts September 12th against NASA!

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