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Monday, September 28, 2015

D is for Disney. A is for Again. 2015 Edition. Part 1.

Fall break has come and gone, which means we are back home from another fun filled week at our favorite family vacation spot: 
Disney World.

Yep. We went again and we loved every minute of it. It was a bit more crowded than last year because I think everyone from Cherokee and Cobb were there, but even with the bigger crowds we did everything we wanted and then some. 
It's a true vacation for me so going to Disney will always get my vote!
Our week was pretty jam packed. We squeeze every single minute we can out of our trips and this trip was no different. We brought the Go-Pro along with us and took several videos, but we have yet to sit down and cut them into one video. We also don't really know how to do that so when we figure it out I'll post it!

 Saturday September 19th
As soon as we arrived we quickly unpacked and headed to Hollywood Studios for the night since we had dinner reservations at Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater.  I won't bore y'all with all the little details and instead just share some of our photos.  Okay I lied...one detail. I was the Rebel Spy on Star Tours. This isn't a huge deal, but it was enough to make my night and the kids thought it was cool. 


Sunday September 20th
We were up bright and early Sunday morning for breakfast at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. I booked this ressie in hopes of getting photos in front of the castle by ourselves, but that didn't really happen. There were so many people going into the park for early breakfast ressies that it was almost like a park opening! We still got some cute photos, but I won't be making the early breakfast plans for this park again. It was too much hassle. The rest of the day was a blast though. The lines were minimal and we stayed until the park closed for the Halloween party. 

(Warning. Lots of photos ahead. And this is just some of them!)

"The Thumbs Up"

"The Brush Your Shoulder Off"

"The Thinker"

 Sit in the back they said. You won't get as wet they said. What they said...was wrong!

Another ride on Space Mountain...another pose. This one: "The Gun Show"

The end to a perfect day!

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