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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

D is for Disney. A is for Again. 2015 Edition. Part 3.

Wednesday September 23rd

Wednesday we were up early and back at Epcot for breakfast with the princesses. We have done this breakfast every trip except our very first trip. Jordyn absolutely loves it. This year we were surprised to find Mulan and Mary Poppins there instead of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. It was a nice surprise since we are big fans of Mary Poppins! We spent the remainder of the day doing our Epcot favorites and cruises around the World Showcase. The park was not very crowded so it was a very pleasant visit to Epcot. We ate at the Coral Reef for dinner and then hit up the French bakery for a to-go box of goodies to eat at the resort. 



Thursday September 24th

We were up early again on Thursday for breakfast in Animal Kingdom at the Tusker House. After breakfast we were off and moving for the rest of the day. The crowds weren't too bad so we did everything we wanted to do including the Finding Nemo Musical, Flights of Wonder and Festival of the Lion King. All great shows by the way. Before we left we visited A Bug's Life because Bryce had never seen it. Y'all I wish I had a camera on him because his face was priceless. First let me say, Bryce does not like spiders so when the spiders came out I thought he might loose it. Then when the "bugs" crawled under his seat he was slightly surprised and concerned. I'm laughing as I type this because his face was perfection. Let's just say that Bryce was NOT a fan of A Bug's Life. 

Oh and I almost forgot to mention we ran into some of our cousins while visiting Animal Kingdom, which was a nice little treat.

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