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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Magical Spring Break 2017

We headed to our usual spot for our spring break get away. Once again we asked the kids what they wanted to do and they unanimously said Walt Disney World so that's where we headed. If you can believe it we did a few things this trip that we have never done before. We hit up a few attractions in the World Showcase we had never done and we ate a few places we have never eaten. We tried PizzeRizzo at Hollywood Studios for lunch, which was tastier than I expected. I also snagged a ressie to the raved about 'Ohana and well...I just wanted impressed. At all. Jordyn agreed! Sydney loved it and Bryan said it was just okay. Sorry 'Ohana lovers I just don't get what all the fuss is about. I was definitely underwhelmed. We did the Happily Ever After dinner at 1900 Park Fare. We haven't done this meal in 3 or 4 years and it ended up being one of our favorite dinners the entire trip. The food was good and the characters were hilarious. Sydney ended up getting dubbed a "maid' by one of the step-sisters and so every time someone near us needed a photo taken she would come get Sydney and tell everyone that "my maid will take the picture". Cinderella and Prince Charming are there too, but Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia are definitely why the dinner is so entertaining. (I didn't post pictures from this meal because they are on Bryan's phone).

The trip seemed to end as soon as it began and despite a few hick ups during the trip we had ourselves a magical time! Jordyn was sick (fever and stomach) the first 36 hours and then Bryan ended up getting sick our last day. The traffic on the way home was terrible...it took us 9.5 hours to get home. A ton of pictures posted below. I tried to limit them but we had hundreds of photos so it's hard to narrow them down sometimes. Enjoy!

Despite being sick on our Epcot day Jordyn still had a nice time. She would have bursts where she felt good and then the next minute she would feel awful.

The girls and I have an obsession with Minnie ears. Our collection over the years has grown. We do have ears from WDW, but most of our ears have come from small businesses that sell custom ears. If you want a few websites let me know and I'll share my favorites. These ears are by Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke and typically sell out fast when she has a shop opening. She also started selling pins based on her ear designs, which are super cute. She has a new pin come out every month.

 He ate at least one of these everyday!

 Flower and Garden Festival was going on at Epcot while we were there. It is SO PRETTY!! I definitely recommend visiting during this time.

 This is from the new Frozen ride. The kids had never ridden it. Bryce was so concerned there was no seat belts because we told him there was a loop in the ride. This was him the entire ride prepping for the loop. Bryan and I found it entertaining.  


The gigantic Mickey chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie has become one of our favorite snacks.

I had to put this whole string of photos in here. The step-sisters are worth the wait for a character meet & greet in Magic Kingdom.
Step sisters: So, how many castles do you have?
Bryce: (just stands there grinning).
Step sisters: How many commas do you have in your bank account?
Bryce: A lot!
Step sisters: Ohhh,...hello there! (As they start swishing their dresses side to side and smiling for him)


 "Beware of hitch-hiking ghosts"



 Olaf really does like warm hugs. 

 Kylo Ren didn't appreciate Bryan's shirt. 

 Photo bomb by mom...and the due with the long hair. 

Sydney's rose gold ears and Jordyn's Snow White ears were made by my friend Shawn. Shawn coaches volleyball with Bryan. She just happens to be a huge Disney fan as well. She has her own Etsy ear shop called SimplyDarlingUS. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to find out when her next shop opening is.

  Dole Whip Shirt. Pineapple shorts. Delicious Dole Whip in hand. Check, check, check. 

 When you get to ride by yourself you use both guns!

 Princess Tiana was a really great. She played the part so well and was very engaging with the kids. 

 Bryan dipped out after this picture and went back to the room. He was not feeling well and ended up having a fever so he spent the rest of the day in bed. 


 King Louie and Baloo are Jordyn's favorite characters to see so we have to visit them every trip. They are always impressed Jordyn has their pins on her lanyard. This trip she was decked out in Jungle Book gear: ears, shirt and shoes!

There you have it... the "short" version of our trip in pictures. After our week of fun we dragged ourselves back home to complete Operation Move.

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